How Google Places Helps Your Businesses Grow

Google Places

In the internet era, online marketing is increasingly important as well as popular, thanks to many benefits it provides to the businesses, including small businesses. One of the tools available for small businesses is Google Places – a tool that small businesses can use to target local customers (instead of global customers). Google offers this tool especially for small business owners that want to develop their business locally.

What Is Google Places

Google Places is a service offered by the giant internet company to allow small businesses to be listed in Google Maps. Being listed in the directory, you can easily be found by the existing as well as prospective customers. The tool comes with a number of features that allow the account owners to manage the information on your business location. As a small business with limited budget, chances are that you will move from a place to another, and Google Places is a tool to keep your customers informed on where your business is.

How to List Your Business on Google Places

To list your business on this directory, there are three steps to follow. Firstly, set up an account and then submit relevant information related to your business. It may involve address, hours of operation, mode of services available, phone number, available payment method, email, and even images and video. Secondly, when you receive a PIN from Google by mail or phone, verify the listing. Finally, your business can be viewed on the site when the process is complete.

Google Places Makes Your Business Visible

The tool is designed like the conventional Yellow Pages. The difference is that it is online and widely accessible. The principle is similar. You business is searchable on internet, thus facilitating the customers to find you.

The good news is that Google Places is a free service. Therefore, the small business can take optimum benefits of Google Search Engine and cuts the budgets otherwise used for advertising through local newspapers or magazine. Then, enjoy more profits with your business!

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