DIY Tips for Car Maintenance

Personal car for many people can be very important belongings in their life so they try to make sure that they are able to keep the personal in its best performance and appearance. People can buy the best car but the best car will be meaningless if it is not maintained properly. Some people will depend on the car service garage for their car maintenance but there are some maintenance tips for the car which can be handled without the support from the professional car service. With the simple maintenance which can be DIY project, people will be able to save money on the maintenance of the car.

Air Filter

Air filter becomes very important part of the car which should be paid attention properly when people are trying to make DIY car maintenance. People should know that the new air filter will be needed by the car every 12,000 miles or 12 months. They can bring the car to the car service and let the mechanic to replace the air filter. It will take a day for this but if people replace it at home within ten minutes only. They just need to find the filter under the car hood and it is usually located in a black box with rectangular shape completed with metal clips on its side. The casing should be opened up and they have to check out the way air filter inside it. They have to remember the direction of the filter. The old air filter should be removed and the new one should be inserted. When they are done, the metal clips must be closed.

Windshield Wipers

People do not have to go to the car mechanic for installing the new wiper blade. It might be true that it can be kind of challenging car maintenance because the wiper blade can be different for different cars. However, the basic way to replace the wiper blade is pretty simple because they just need to lift the wiper blade just like when they wash the windshield by hand. The old blades should be removed but they have to pay attention about the way the old one connected to the metal arms. There will be tab on the wiper underside on the most models and it should be pushed for removing the old blade. The new blades should be attached but they have to do this carefully so the wiper arms will not be bent or the windshield will not be scratched.

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