Top 5 Best MXF Converters for 2018

When choosing an MXF converter, you might find the process to be a difficult one, however, with the right information; you can choose the best that will address your problems. We hope this post will help you to choose the best out of the available options out there.

If you happen to use sophisticated camcorders like Sonny, Canon or Panasonic, you must agree with me that having an MXF converter is beneficial when you want to convert your files. These high-end devices usually record videos in MXF format that are believed to be the best quality.

However, most editing software and players do not support files that are in HD format. Most of the available software and players can only support files in MP4, MP3, AVI, MOV and more, so, after you record your videos, you will require a good MXF converter so that you can convert your videos to other formats that can be supported by the software or player you use.

When you want to get the best MXF converter, you will need to do enough research before you decide which one to settle with since the best one will give you the best quality and speeds that you need. To save your time and effort, we have compiled a list of the top5 best MXF converters for your needs.

What is MXF format?

The MXF format is a common type for a file that is recorded by all camcorders. This format was designed for expert videographers who would want to use timecode and metadata support so that videos can be modified in different formats.

Although this is the format that most popular camcorders record in, it can sometimes be difficult to work with especially when you want to use the videos in other devices and this is where you will need an MXF converter to convert your videos to other compatible formats.

  1. Wondershare

This is one of the best and versatile video converters out there. The Wondershare offers a huge variety of file formats so that you can convert our MXF files in the fastest speeds possible.

The best thing about this tool is that it allows users to edit their videos severally so that editing time is reduced. This tool allows users to convert multiple files at one time so you can continue with your work during the conversion process.

Wondershare also provides fast compressing of videos without losing the quality of the original video which makes it possible to free up space on your devices.

  1. Aiseesoft free MXF converter

Another MXF converter for Windows and Mac users is the Aiseesoft. This tool can help to convert MXF files with limited codecs to most used video formats such as AVI, MOV and more. The good thing about the Aiseesoft MXF converter is that you can get a free and a paid version of the tool.

However, the free version of this tool offers limited functionality so to get the best features, you will need to upgrade to the premium plan.

  1. Freemake video converter

The Freemake video converter is a simple free MXF tool that can help to convert video files to MP3. This tool is easy to use and provides users with an opportunity to add subtitles to videos that need to be saved from the internet first.

The good thing about this tool is that it allows users to make simple modifications to videos like cutting, joining clips together or cutting clips. This tool is the best for users who are not tech-savvy.

  1. MXF4Mac Player

If you just want to play videos recorded in MXF formats on Windows and Mac, you may want an MXF video player. This tool is an MXF file reader and player for Mac but it’s not easy to obtain so you will have to request the support of its makers to get this tool. Also, the software is somehow complicated to use. This tool can open few MXF files recorded using certain Panasonic and Sony models.

  1. Online-Convert. com

This is a free online MXF converter that allows up to 100mbs of file uploads and conversion. With this tool, you can convert MXF files to MP3, MOV, MP4, AVI, GIF and other formats.

Take home message

The best MXF converter is one that can convert your files faster and still maintain the video quality. Try all the above so that you can settle with one that will be suitable for your needs.


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