Voice Assistants- The Smart Way To Operate Your Device

You have seen many voice assistants in the market after the hit of Apple’s Siri in the iPhone world. There are many other apps like siri which are build for Android. You will find many apps in this category on Google Play Store but in this article you will find some best Voice Assistants apps for android devices. Many reputed companies like Google and Microsoft has built some top chart apps for voice assistants.

These apps are always productive and helps in saving time when you are in hurry or when you can’t touch your phone for some silly reasons. Having a voice assistant in an Android device is a must now a days. Many companies like Moto provide their inbuilt voice assistant apps, they are pretty handy. If you don’t have an inbuilt one, you can download it from Google Play Store. You will find Google Voice Assistant installed in many devices too. Let’s move to best voice assistant app for Android.

Cortana – Best Voice Assistant for Android

Cortana is considered the best voice assistant for Android based devices after the Google Voice Assistant. Yes I agree that Cortana needs a lot of stuffs to be finished soon, but it has the potential to beat the current rivals easily. Cortana is really smart, you must have tried cortana in Windows based PC and Laptops. It works awesome with both Windows 10 and Android devices. I personally use cortana on both of my devices.

Cortana is really featured loaded it can perform some handy tasks like calling people, sending sms, sending emails, tracking your packages etc. You will be really satisfied after using it once. It is still not the perfect but better than other apps for Android.  I would recommend you to try it and then drop a review in comments about it.

Google Now

Doesn’t matter how much better apps are there in the market. Google now is a clear winner among others. With more than 100M downloads, Google now has proved it’s worth in the market. You just have to tap or say ok Google to start it. Google Now is capable of performing the basic tasks to complex ones with just your voice.

This app is considered as the king because it is updated more frequently which makes you feel that Google is really working nicely on this project. It is one of the most stable app because you can easily utilize it with other apps like Google Now Launcher, Google search etc.


This app became viral easily in the android community because of its features, say extraordinary features. Jarvis is inspired from Iron Man. You will feel the taste of comics in this app. This app is capable of controlling some good stuffs like Wi-Fi, control device, keep reminders. The app is really cool and have some features like the normal apps. The app is not for multi language users but it is free to use, there are few in-app purchases too but they worth the price because of the features and stability they are providing. You can use the widgets on your phone for quick access to your assistant Jarvis. This app is included in the list because it is capable of working on wearables like Android Wear and Smart watches too.

Dragon Mobile Assistant

This app is developed by the team who gave us Swype keyboard. This app is pretty basic and good for those who don’t have hard core usage on their device. This app will be active even if your screen is off at that moment. I personally love this app because it drain battery and stays active. You can enjoy this app while working. This app is one of the most under-rated apps on Google Play store. I hope Nuance Communications will introduce few more features in this app in the next update to make it featured in the top charts. This app is completely free and easy to use. Try this app if you have a low end device and you need some cool voice assistant.

Final words

So this was everything about the best voice assistants for android devices, if you have any doubt then drop a comment below, don’t forget to share the awesome article. Stay tuned.



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