Things to look for in an event venue when hiring


Hosting an event, such as a corporate meeting, a conference, a party, or a wedding, can become easy if you choose the right space. In Miami, you luckily don’t have to worry about it as there are some established film studios, which also rent their place for these purposes. Their strategic location, a host of services, and upgraded amenities are a significant plus for any customers who want to enjoy a hassle-free experience when it comes to organizing a small or large-scale event. However, before you say yes to any space, make sure that it has some of these onsite facilities available for you.


Strategic location is an essential characteristic of any event venue. After all, you don’t want to book a place that is difficult to locate. You wouldn’t want to see your guests reaching you in a stressed out or tired condition. So, look for a site which is accessible from main highways. It will not only be easy for your city guests but out-of-town guests also to arrive at the venue on time due to its connectivity with the airport.


When it comes to organizing a gathering for social or formal occasions, another thing that matters the most is parking. Not having adequate parking area can be stressful for your guests as they might have to struggle to find a safe space for parking their cars. Although you can opt for valet service in such a situation, it is still better to select a venue that provides ample parking. For you also, it will be advantageous. Only those you invited will be able to enter your event.

Accommodation capacity

Considering the total area of the venue is another critical factor. As per general standards, there has to be at least 8 square feet space for every person in a standing event, and 13 square feet for seated participants at tables. These elements don’t stand up in case of buffets, exhibition, a speaker’s area, etc. At the same time, it’s not a binding rule. You need to keep in mind several other factors also. Just ensure that any size you choose for a venue conforms with the number of guests and the scale of the event you intend to organize.


Having a proper budget is a must before you proceed with your planning. And it typically becomes more comfortable to adhere to one if there is sufficient time in hand for arrangements. To see that everything falls within or is only a bit extra than your budget, choose at least 2 to 3 options. Prepare a list of all the facilities and services that you would need. If possible, stay away from unnecessary extras that can send your expenses through the roof. Keep in mind facilities and services that come within the overall venue cost and others that come for an additional charge.

Food and beverage

Some venues provide restricted or no food service, while others offer a complete range of food and drinks services. In the case of the first choice, you would have to hire an outside catering service, and it’s not an option at all in case of the second alternative. Whatever you select, find out how much food and beverage per person will be available and what would be the cost. If the vendors are from outside, then you have to inquire if they would supply table, chairs, and linens.

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