How to Compete with the other Human Resources in the Work World

Human resources (HR) is one of the important factors that exist in a country. Because the State is good but has natural resources (NR) should also have abundant human resources (HR) quality. In the era of globalization is more advanced as it is today, the development of more advanced technology. Globalization can be interpreted as an increasingly severe competition. That is the performance of human resources should be improved, in order to increase the commitment of human resources itself.

Many businesses – businesses or industries that choose to replace the Human Resources with faster machine tools and sophisticated. The machine also has a greater accuracy than a human. So want to or not, a competitor Human Resources Human resources not only with others but with the technology.

People do not work or unemployment is a problem that is never completed within a country. There are several things that make the problem of unemployment in the country, namely the working culture, education background, and the availability of employment. The work culture is more pointed at the old culture of Indonesia, Javanese proverb that says “alon-alon waton kelakon” or the term alien is “Slow but Sure”. Education background is a requirement Human resources quality today, so as to create and develop human resources independence in accordance with the needs of the working world. The availability of employment is caused by the changing of human resources with machine.

To compete in the business world is certainly a lot of competition going forward due to globalization inversely with the availability of jobs increasingly narrow. Even a company already has a separate section that serves to monitor and spur increased performance Human resources. At every business needs a competitive strategy / business level. We can gain the competitive advantage of a variety of factors – factors that allow companies produce products or services that are qualified and able to compete in the market economy.

Narrowing employment encourages us as human resources to be able to deal with it. As human resources are good, of course we have to prepare for the competition in entering the world of work. Here are some ways that might make decent human resources to compete in the world of work, namely:

Ability to understand and master of a foreign language.

With the competition in this global era, one barrier that is often experienced job seekers are language differences. We are required to be able to communicate in a foreign language other than the language of Indonesia, for example, in English, Chinese, and Korean. English has become a global study that became the benchmark all countries in the world to communicate with each other. We can establish a relationship with the State or foreign company to further enhance our ability to face global competition in the business world.

Opened own business by using domestic products.

Another alternative to compete in the world of work is open own business. Because it will be accordance with our will. In addition we can also optimize the potential of natural resources that we have and our ability to measure the business world.

Do not be afraid to try and take advantage of existing opportunities.

As a human resources course we will create innovation and exploit business opportunities that exist. The new opportunities that many consumers demand and still little competitors will be easier for us to enter the business world.

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