10 awesome apps that make managing a restaurant easier and more productive

Over and above having good organizational and management skills, restaurateurs have got to be technology savvy. It can be exhausting and time consuming to handle every processes involved in running a restaurant without the assistance of smart technology devices and software. There’s a kitchen to maintain, employees to manage, ingredients to source and customers to cater for, too much for one person to handle on their own.

With the help of some useful restaurant management tools, you can manage your restaurant easily and efficiently. These are tools to help you with everything from accounting, table management, employee scheduling and cash flow management to payroll processing, order monitoring, food safety control and more. Most of these apps can be installed on your smartphone, making it easy for you to stay on top of things wherever you are.

As a restaurant owner, you won’t be able to resist falling in love with these awesome restaurant management apps:

1) 7shifts

This app makes managing your employees’ schedule and controlling your labor costs easier. If you want to assign shifts to your employees based on their shift and availability requirements, all you need do is drag and drop to the shifts box on the app and it immediately notifies your employees of their shifts. Your employees can also send requests to you about their availability via the app, you can decline or approve with a single tap of a button.

With the assistance of the labour cost saving calculator, you can make better scheduling decisions. It’s also possible to integrate your POS with 7shifts.

2) Dinetime

Dinetime provides you with the opportunity to improve the dining experience and overall performance of your restaurant. It is a waitlist app that also functions as a reservation system. Your customers can reserve a table, check wait times and view information about your restaurant on this app. You can even easily incorporate loyalty reward programs on Dinetime.

3) Waitlist me

Waitlist me shares similar functions with Dinetime. Only, with this app, you can send phone call and text notifications to your customers when their table is ready. As this app features a public Waitlist view, your guests can easily see the status of their table, freeing your staff from the additional task of answering a barrage of questions.  This time now goes into more productively doing something else.

4) Ambur

Ambur is a must-have for every restaurant manager with the goal of streamlining and efficiently running his restaurant. The seamless operation of your restaurant depends on a functional point of sale (POS) system. With Ambur, your customers can make payments and reserve tables. You can customize the layout of the app to look like your restaurant, so assigning tables to employees, seating customers and serving food to your customers won’t be confusing.

This app also makes order taking easy for your wait staff, no more having to deal with confusion about ticket time or messy handwriting. When you upload your entire menu on the app, customers can select what they want by clicking buttons. The kitchen receives an instant notification and the chefs can get to work.

5) Food safety pro

Because the reputation of your restaurant demands that you spare time on food safety checks even if there’s always a rush in your restaurant, you can’t do without a food control plan as smart as food safety pro. Food safety pro is a secure digital solution that makes it easy and less time consuming to check your food control plans.

6) Delegate

Wouldn’t you like to have all your technology solutions and core business functions in one location? To be able to access your Waitlist me, Ambur, 7shifts and any other helpful tool you have on a single app. That’s what Delegate offers you, the ability to view and manage all your restaurant management software and apps on a single platform. You can also use this software to track the performance metrics of your employees and restaurant as a whole.

7) Crunch time

Crunch time is a web-based app that gives you a detailed breakdown of important details that concern your restaurant. From inventory control, labour management and ordering to food costs, you won’t ever make guess incorrectly again. With Crunch time, you can will know when to stock up your restaurant as well as identify the items that quickly run out of stock.

8) Sling

Just like 7shifts, you can use Sling to track employee availability and to schedule shifts. The difference here is that Sling is a free app, and the best option for restaurant managers with a tight budget. The app also allows you to enter the estimated amount of sales you will make with each shift so that you don’t over schedule. When you want to pay your staff at the end of the month, you can just glance through the time sheets on the app to compare schedules and actual hours worked.

9) Mixology

The ability of your restaurant to serve signature drinks can make it stand out from your competitors. Mixology is an app that provides recipe suggestions to your bartender once he/she enters in the ingredients available. There are more than 8000 drink recipes on Mixology database and there are more than 1000 ingredients, so you can be sure to get a signature drink recipe that won’t be available in many restaurants or bars.

10) Toast pos

With Toast pos, you can customize the experience of both your online and offline clients, handle menu pricing, prepare your menu, handle customer bills, split items and notify your clients of successful order completion. You can also remove or add menu items and monitor stocks with this app.

Your restaurant thrives when you make smart use of technology, try to strike a balance though, using a lot of management apps may cripple efficiency and not using enough will mean missing out on important features.

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