Make Your Kitchen Look Sublime with Glass Tile Kitchen Backsplash Ideas


If you love food, then you must love the good eating environment too. Why should you leave your kitchen behind when it comes to decor? You can easily renovate your kitchen with Belk Tile. We can offer you the best glass tile kitchen backsplash ideas. You can find here different patterns and colors in glass tiles with superb finishing. Glass Mosaic Tiles are available in available in different styles. This category includes:

  • Roman Design:

These tiles are embellished with different patterns and features on them. The color selection of brown and maroon remind you of the Roman period. Those who love such historical looks can’t avoid buying them.

  • Perl Glass:

White, Black and Grey colors are chosen here in different shades to make them look like peal. This is what makes them unique. The choice is not just limited to a soft look. You can have different bold mosaic patterns in them too.

  • General Mosaic Glass:

You can not only use them for the kitchen but for the bathroom as well. We have a large variety to offer in this category. The color selection here is the easiest of all.

Our glass tiles gallery is full of diversity. Magical Forest Crystal Lagoon Glass Tiles, Bella Glass Tiles Jewel series, Impression Series IMP-08 Rushing River, Dentelle Series Heavenly Lagoon Glass, Aquatic Series Atlantic, Dentelle Series April Shower Glass Mosaic, Bella Glass Tiles CB52 Passion Blue Blend, Shimmering Breeze Hawaiian Blue are just a few in the long list of tiles selection. Along with the glass tiles, we offer you Metal backsplash, grout for the backsplash, switch plates, kitchen backsplash murals.

A Large Range Of Colors to Offer:

If you are interested in fixing up your kitchen or bathroom by keeping in view a particular color scheme, we are there to help you too. Colors have a lot to do with mood and appetite. You can’t deny the effect they create in our environment. Just watch what magical look we are going to create with a variety of color tones. We have black, blue, bronze, copper, grey, green, orange, red, silver, white, yellow, white and grey pattern and pewter to offer.

How to Contact Us:

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