Find the Right Mobile App Development Team for your Project

Smartphones have become the most ubiquitous gadget in the modern world. The beginning of 2016 showed that more than 70% of people preferred mobile applications to the traditional desktop applications of the last 25 years. People use their mobile devices to play games, manage daily routines, shop online, and businesses use the platform to reach out to potential customers, create loyalty incentives, and facilitate mobile retail.

Given the direction in which the smartphone world is headed, creating apps for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and wearables is considered the most profitable business initiative for any medium to large company. Of course, designing or upgrading your mobile app technology is a complex and sophisticated project often best left to professionals. To help you narrow down the best third party dev team, here are some app development tips to consider when you set out to design your next big Android app.

  1. Responsiveness is key

A mobile sleek and beautiful application that is unresponsive will never be successful. You could put a lot of effort to make the application unique and striking, but it will not be accepted by users if they have to wait a while for the options to load. While making the application stylish is a priority, make sure that users enjoy responsiveness while navigating within it. Remember that if someone offers options similar to yours, the application that is the most responsive wins every time.

  1. Don’t skimp on security

Additionally, every application must provide a secure user experience. Violations of security such as identity theft and piracy have become commonplace these days, and the risks will increase in the years to come. Users should feel safe when using the application, especially during financial transactions. According to the app development experts at Toronto’sClearbridge Mobile, full Quality Assurance on multiple devices, in multiple environments, should be the first benchmark. Before partnering with a third-party mobile app developer, make sure they conduct extensive mobile app testing throughout the entire development cycle. Consider the Clearbridge approach, which includes the following aspects:

  • Integrated testing process that spans the full development cycle
  • Manual testing by in-house test engineers
  • Full visual QA
  • Automated testing
  • QA consulting

You’ll want to partner with a dev team that offers an agile process that allows them to test, locate, and fix issues that arise throughout the standard project lifecycle. Make sure the dev team understands the security measures specific to each platform.

  1. Ask questions

Look to past successes when judging an app development company and look for one that offers transparency and encourages client collaboration throughout the entire QA process. Make sure that as a client, you will be invited onto all boards on our issue tracking tools, and make sure that designated Project Managers interface with you regularly to discuss project status to better ensure all goals and requirements are being met — and on time. Making sure these boxes are checked will guarantee the mobile app development team you partner with will deliver the highest quality apps, every time.

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