Why are people Leaving Uber?

Uber is one of the supremely popular ride-sharing company in the world. There are a lot of drivers around the globe who have employed themselves as an Uber driver. But in recent years, people are having a lot of complaints about Uber and its services and has lead to an increasing number of drivers leaving Uber. In this article, we will have a look at the major reasons behind Uber drivers saying goodbye to Uber with delete uber account slogan.

·     Uber is more focused on Passenger 

Drivers are the ones that are responsible for making Uber’s business possible. And without the drivers Uber is nothing, but the sad fact is that Uber doesn’t give that much of a care to its drivers than the passengers. Uber is more centric about improving the Passenger’s experience than the drivers.  

A lot of drivers have complained as they feel they have been treated as slaves. Most of the times, the Uber drivers experience the carelessness and not being backed up by Uber. And every so often Uber cuts the earning of the Ubers, which is very annoying for the drivers because it’s their hard-earned money that gets taken away. 

And when drivers have to go through these circumstances, it’s evident that they decide to leave. 

·     Lack of Customer support

Uber lacks in customer support when it comes to the driver’s side. Uber drivers are treated as if they are not the customers of Uber in comparison of the customer support provided for the riders.  If the drivers try to solve their problems by emailing customer support, they will reply on time, but it’s all pre-stock reply send from Uber. And in most of the cases, it doesn’t solve the issues that drivers are facing. 

And if you try out calling Uber’s customer support, it seems like even they don’t know much about Uber and how it works, which is a significant problem. Uber should improve the customer care department for the drivers because drivers are also a customer of Uber, and they should not forget that ever. 

Uber also lacks driver support when it comes to the training section. Uber only offers a few youtube videos for you to get started on Uber drive, but that doesn’t clear out the full information required for the drivers. And the Uber drivers even don’t get taught about how to take care of the drunk passengers and all the other little things that the driver needs to be prepared for. 

·     Rating System 

The rating system is a terrifying part of Uber for all the Uber drivers around the world. The rating system decides the ability of the driver. And the more rating you get, the more drive request you receive and the more you earn. 

And it can also go the opposite for the drivers because you don’t know how many ratings you are going to get. Some people might give you bad ratings without any reason, just randomly. And you won’t even know about it because Uber doesn’t notify you until you get a 5-star rating. 

As per transparency, the drivers are blank about the lesser ratings they receive. And it doesn’t give a chance for the driver to improve their service and start earning a higher score. 

Uber is working on the transparency of the rating system, but it will take a significant amount of time for it to be completed.  

Lower Fare rates (The main reason)

It is the main reason for the drivers to leave Uber. As Uber is more focused on improving the Passenger’s experience, Uber has been cutting fares regularly. They say that it will be suitable for all because drivers will get more ride with cheaper ride fares. But Drivers has experienced no change in their level of income. 

Uber regularly cuts the fare rates without any notice or a reason, and that has the left drivers to become angry towards Uber because drivers don’t get to be ready for that fare cut situation. 

·     UberPool

Uberpool is not the most direct reason for drivers leaving Uber, but it has a point of its own. With UberPool the passengers onboard can save up to 30-40% of the usual cost ride, but there is nothing extra for the drivers. They get the same earnings on Pool ride, but they have to do a lot of work.

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