8 Scientific Proven Ways Music Makes Your Life Better in this era of technology

A recent study shows that enjoying music helps to boost our mental health and improve our physical health in an amazing and astonishing manner. If your children take music lessons, the musical instruments they use can help boost their IQ and even make them bright. In fact, there is no great instrument for self-enhancement than music. Enjoy Apple Music on iPod can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, boost performance both academically in workplaces and even raise your IQ. So sincerely, music makes life better. Read with me to find out how music makes life better.

  1. Listening to music helps to release stress

Are you like me? To be honest, I am one of the people who can easily be affected by stress but when I listen to Apple Music on iPod, I feel relaxed. In fact, research has shown that slow, quiet classical music is one that has the most soothing cause. There is a stress hormone cortisol in our bodies which when you listen to music it decreases in level thus thwarting the effects of unceasing stress.

If you are finding it hard dealing with stress, I would recommend you get some slow and quiet music playlist. Thanks to apple music converter which enables you to convert Apple music to either MP3 or M4A without eliminating tags. The music you convert can be classical or any other type of music that can be enjoyed on iPod Nano, Walkman, and MP3 players and can help you feel relieved of stress.

  1. Listening to music can help to decrease pain.

It is said that music can make the pain to fade although research is beginning to find out how music can act as medicine and decrease the pain of patients. Other researchers show that music therapy and pre-recorded music decrease pain or compared to typical treatments for cancer patients. However, the music must be classical, meditative or music that the patients choose. Bob Marley once said that “one good thing about music is that when it hits you feel no pain”

  1. Listening to music can help to boost your memory.

Researchers have observed listening to music as a helper to recognize and remember things better as it helps your brain to develop in numerous areas and one of the most important parts is your memory. If you are facing difficulties in your memory, it can be a good idea to learn to play an instrument.

  1. Listening to music can make you healthier.

Listening to music has also been seen by some research to be a health enhancer. Let me be honest here. Try to switch own to your favorite music during your meals and see how you will eat your comfort food. It will help you eat well thus making you healthier.

  1. Listening to music makes you happier

Science has shown that people who sing choir are always happy. This is because when you listen to your favorite music, you release a chemical in your brain know as dopamine which is also referred as a “feel good” chemical. Therefore, if you are sad, listen and enjoy your feel-good tunes or your favorite Apple Music songs on iPod Nano and your mood will be turned from sad to glad.

  1. Music lessons can help raises IQ and academic performance

Science has seen that young people who pursue music lessons often are bright academically. It has also been observed that children in the age of 6 years who take piano or singing classes have extensively improved IQ and better academic performance compared to those children that don’t take music lessons. Therefore, to help your children realize academic excellence, you should encourage them to sing or take music lessons in schools.

  1. Listening to music and singing can unit people

When people have something that makes them come together, a bond is formed, even when you’re around strangers. That’s why you feel eccentrically close to people you meet at a show, festival or even an alien on the street you see wearing your favorite band’s t-shirt.

  1. Listening to music can increase workout endurance

Science shows that listening to your workout playlist can improve physical performance and raise workout endurance while you are in a tough session. Try it, during your workout session and you will notice that you before you realize, you will have run an extra mile.

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