Ethical and Legal Issues: Vital Consideration in Advertisement Making

Advertising plays important role for the success of any business. It is not only used to introduce the products or services which are offered by any business but also to exhort people to use them. There are a wide variety of ways which are employed by business owner to advertise the business. Each of them often has their own strategies to steal the heart of public to use the business products. However, due to high competition in business industry, there are many businesses which disobey the standards or regulations regarding to advertisement in order to get high profits. Even though each state might have different standards, concerning both ethical and legal issues can helps to create legal and accountable advertisement.

Honesty in advertisement

Honesty is one of main issues in advertisement making. There are many states which includes honesty as the requirement in advertisement making. The Federal Trade Commission Act is an agency which has responsibility of this matter as well as supervises the act. U.S. is one of countries which really concern about this issue since The Bureau of Consumer Protection’s Business Bureau has decided that any advertisement has to be honest, not deceitful, and not unfair. It also must have clear evidence related to claim in ad. Deceitful advertisement according to FTC is the one which can trick customers to act out of normal conditions and influence their purchase verdict. Meanwhile, unfair advertisement associated with the ones which result on significant or inevitable injury due to product or service use.

Advertisement for children

Children happen to be another issue which becomes the concern among advertisers. When ad is addressed to children, it can violate the ethical issues. Children most likely do not know whether the ad is truthful or not, contains overwhelming statements or not. Many people define it to disobey the unethical effects of what legal advertisement supposed to be. For instance, it allows advertisers to develop brand loyalty in children without considering whether the children comprehend it or not. Some even take benefit of this situation to make children depend into any product which can hinder them with society. The foremost thing if you want to make a responsible ad regarding to this issue is actually addressing the ad into parents instead of children although the products are about children products. It is since parents can think wisely to make any purchase to the product.

Advertisement of harmful products

Harmful product is also included in advertising ethical and legal issues. Each country commonly has different regulations associated with harmful products and services. This regulation emphasizes what the responsibility of ad to the societies as well as how far societies can engage in. U.S. is an example of country which has strict regulation about this matter. It regulates the types of harmful products, which ones which are allowed and prohibited to be advertised. For instance, alcohol can be advertised using all types of media while cigarettes are allowed to be advertised only on particular media, apart from television and radio. Advertisers have to consider whether their products fulfil the requirements or not if they want to create legal ads. This issue are also applied to foods and medical products. Fast food such as hamburger is considered as legal and effective to be advertised in television. However, lately, it needs considerations since physicians associate it with nationwide obesity epidemic. In term of medical products, any medical ad along with its side effects are commonly allowed to be advertised and it is tagged along with 10 years to come by lawyer’s ads due to any class –action lawsuit contrary to advertiser toward unfair injury.

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