How to unlock your new Samsung Galaxy S9

Whenever you purchase a new Samsung Galaxy S9 directly from the provider, it comes with a SIM card of the same carrier or network, which means your phone pretty much belongs to them.

These SIM cards are usually blocked as a way to prevent you switching other network companies and making sure your phone is still connected to their network.

However, this restriction can easily be undone and you can unlock the Samsung Galaxy S9 in order to use with other sim cards from a totally different carrier.

Why You Should Unlock your Samsung Galaxy S9

There are many, many reasons why you should definitely unlock your Samsung Galaxy S9 or any other blocked phone you might have really, but perhaps the most important reason is that you will be able to use it anywhere, with any SIM card.

Unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S9 means you can travel overseas to any country in the whole world and still be able to make and receive phone calls by simply switching to a local SIM card, instead of having to pay extra to your current carrier to make your phone work on said country.

Another really good reason is that you can drop your current phone company without having to necessarily get a new phone. You can simply switch SIM cards and still be able to use your Samsung Galaxy S9 as if nothing happened.

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S9 Through your Carrier

Unlike years before, sim unlocking is actually legal now, meaning you can unlock your phone way easier and faster than before, and actually get to use it with any other network you like.

To unlock your Samsung Galaxy S9 through your current carrier, you will have to buy a unlock code directly from them, keep in mind, you can ask them to unlock your phone for free if your contract period is expired and your account is in good standing. If not you can purchase it by paying extra and get unlock code.

Once you get the unlock code, all you’ll need to do is turn off your Samsung Galaxy S9, put the new SIM card in, introduce the new one, enter the code, and that’s it.

How to Unlock your Samsung Galaxy S9 Through an Unlocking Service

This particular option is the best one, not only is safe and quick, but it’s cheaper than recurring to your phone provider, especially in cases the carriers won’t provide such service.

To unlock your Samsung Galaxy S9 through an unlocking service, we recommend following the next steps:

  1. Get your IMEI number: The easiest way to get your IMEI number is by typing *#606# on your phone keypad and it will automatically give it to you.
  2. Choose an unlocking service: There are many services available for unlocking but make sure to choose the correct one to get the genuine code. One of the well-reviewed options is Codes2unlock, Once you select the service simply provide your phone details like your phone make, model and current network to check prices, availability and estimated time to get the code and then proceed to place your order.
  3. Enter the code given to you: Once you place your order, an unlock code should be sent to your email address. When you get it, simply turn off your phone, place the new SIM card in, turn it on and enter the code given when your phone prompts for unlock code.

And that’s it! As you might see, unlocking your phone through an unlocking service is really quick and easy. You’ll be able to use your new unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9 in just a couple of moments, without having to pay so much money.

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