Top 10 Tips for Good Car Repair and Engine Services by A&C Auto Center

A few auto engine repair tips are crucial to keep your car in an excellent condition because prevention can go a long way when you have to deal with auto repairs. Though a private car is an asset, it will cost lumps of money i.e. ranging from registration fee, loan payments, maintenance, to insurance coverage and servicing. Auto repair companies like A&C Auto Center know that costs for car maintenance is ever increasing. The tips below will ensure that your car and engine remain in excellent condition for longer with minimal repairs needed.

10 Tips for Car Maintenance

  1. Check and Change the engine oil and filter

This is maybe the foremost vital maintenance tasks you will do for your automotive. It does not need technical skills or exceptional tools (except wrench for oil filter) and all necessary info about the proper procedure can be found in the repair manual for your vehicle.

  • Change the screen wipers

Usually, you need to replace the wipers once a year, and it mainly takes ten minutes.

Learn some easy steps to do this here:

  • Check the systems hoses 

It’s a smart plan to open the hood and verify the state of the hose in the different systems – especially vacuum hoses now and then. Fluid and vacuum hoses get worn out over time, then it breaks, tears, swell, and get detached due to vibration and heat during normal engine operation. This affects the performance of the engine.

  • Examine connectors and electrical wires

When wires break or burns, it interferes with the flow of electric energy as corrosion enters the electrical connectors. So examine them often.

  • Inspect belts

Serpentine or drive belts power the steering pump, generator, a/c compressor, and sometimes radiator fan. Belts can get worn out and damaged, especially serpentine belts that seldom show signs of wear and tear on the surface. You should replace them in line with schedule. Consult your car’s service manual for the suggested interval of service.

  • Changing crankcase ventilation, cabin, air, and fuel filters

These filters have a restricted service life. Thus, it is required that you change them regularly. It takes just some minutes to maintain filters and enhance your car performance. Even when the filters look fine, you should not skip the servicing interval recommended in your vehicle’s service manual.

  • Top up fluids regularly

Change fluids based on the schedule in the service manual. Examine the condition and extent of the various fluids. This includes the ones for steering, washer, and brake as well as oils for transmission and engine.

  • Change the coolant

You will need to alter the coolant within the system every 2 or 5 years based on the antifreeze you use. Use the instructions in your service manual to change it. The manual encompasses the quantity and sort of antifreeze your vehicle requires; the replacement steps; and the way to purge air from the system and prevent overheating of the engine. Visit here to learn how the cooling system for a car works.

  • Maintenance of the ignition system

Examine and replace spark plugs and its wires as well as rotor and cap if present. Apart from the interval of service, your manual also contains the spark plugs calibration specs and the torque specification for installation.

  1. Battery service

It is vital to examine the condition of the battery, the condition of the restriction mechanism and the solution level. Though, this item is not listed in the maintenance guidelines of cars. You should keep the terminals tight and clean. Also, keep the battery case and tray clean and in excellent state. If there is build up of corrosion around the battery terminals, it will be laborious for you to start the automobile, the battery might not be charged by the generator, and therefore, the life of your battery service will lessen. Use a solution of bicarbonate of soda and lukewarm water to remove the corrosion.

Simple Car Repairs that Beginners can do

  • Change hoses

You will only need a few elementary tools to fix most damaged, worn out or leaking hoses. Unless, you need to take out components to access the hose.

  • Adjust and replace belts

It will take a few minutes when using a socket, and a breaker bar to replace or adjust the belts.

  • Repair electrical circuits

You will need a digital multimeter, and a basic test light to do things like finding fuses, troubleshooting relays, voltage drop, checking connections and lamps.

Click here to know how to find a short circuit:

To enable you to do more complex maintenance tasks, you will need to acquire mechanical expertise. The average automotive owner will do different, additional concerned maintenance tasks further. Also, you can speak to individuals with additional expertise than yours or real automotive technicians. Or you can choose to find a local auto repair shop that will fix your car up in no time.

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