Tips for Using Twitter As A Professional

Twitter has changed the way people communicate and share information online. Interestingly, many criticized the platform back in 2006, arguing that the messages were trivial and you did not learn anything with them. Basically users talked about their personal things like, “I just woke up a little shower and work!” Or “having coffee with a friend.”

Now many professionals do a very good use of the tool and give valuble informations to millions of people. If you want to be like them and be taken seriously, here are things to pay attention to when using Twitter:

Personal branding

  • Do not be lazy. Fill in your biography. This will allow other Twitter users to know who you are. Many people do not interact with profiles that were not properly identified at least need to know what to expect from you and your expertise.
  • Create a good avatar. The avatar is the image that identifies us in social networks. It is recommended to be the same for all networks. If you have a personal account must be a recent picture of yourself.
  • Express your personality. Or your company if necessary. Add a background image and header that expresses your tastes or follow the corporate image of the company. It’s one more way to connect with like-minded users to your tastes, colors, etc.


  • Be sure to check the biographies of the accounts that follow you and you go on. This will eliminate the possibility that interact with spammers or accounts that make dubious practices in the social network.
  • Organize your followers. There will come a time when you need to bring some order to the accounts you follow. For this you can use Twitter lists. You can create up to 20 and sort them by subject or at the discretion that suits you. In this way, you create filters that you can use read by time of day and time you have available to read.

Information sharing strategy

  • Use the 60/40 rule. When you share information, remember the 60/40 rule: 60% of information and RT and 40% of conversation. So you make sure a proper balance of commitment. Twitter is ideal for learning and knowledge, but it is also important to build relationships with like-minded people to your tastes.
  • Constancy and presence. This advice depends largely on what profession you do, but in general you need to have a record in your tweets and you must be present on Twitter to interact with the tool, track and monitor who follows you. It is not the platform to automate the fullest and you show up only occasionally. Building relationships takes time. If you want people to interact with you, you must be present.

With the basic rules above, hopefully you have a good experience using Twitter and be someone that is appreciated by your followers.

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