Here is Why You Should Get Into PC Gaming

Video games have been a pastime for people of all ages for decades now. Whether you are young or old, male or female, rich or poor, there is a good chance you have played some video games in your life. While most of us might be familiar with playing on consoles like the Xbox One or the PS4, gaming on a computer is actually the most popular way to play video games.

Now, we’re not saying anything is wrong with console gaming, but if you have never given PC gaming a try, we think it’s time you do. It is growing in popularity and offers many benefits that you simply cannot get with gaming on a console. With that in mind, this article will take a look at some of the big reasons why you should get into gaming on a computer.

The Graphics Are Generally Better

Over the years, perhaps the biggest improvements in the world of gaming have been the graphics. We have gone from games that you could barely make out what was happening on your screen, to games that look almost identical to real life. While the graphics on consoles are solid, they can’t hold a torch to what’s possible on a high quality gaming computer.

The hardware inside a good (or even medium range) computer outperforms both consoles and will lead to smoother graphics, higher frames and just a better visual experience. Sure, this can be pricey, but many believe it is worth it for the true immersion that great graphics can give a gamer.

More Precise Control and More Options

When you play video games on a console, you almost exclusively have to to play with a controller. While they fit in the hand comfortably, you simply cannot have very precise movements using only your thumbs to control. With PC gaming, you have the ability to play with a mouse and keyboard, which is a an easier and more accurate way of playing all different kinds of games.

Also, when it comes to PC gaming, you have options. You can change up the buttons for certain movements in a game, and can even choose to play with a controller if you so choose. If you have never tried to play a game with a mouse and keyboard, you will be shocked at how easy and snappy it is. If you are unsure what the best mmo gaming mouse is, for example, the internet is a great resource to check out.

Games Are Less Expensive and Much More Variety

One of the biggest gripes many gamers have with the hobby is how expensive a video game can cost. For a brand new game, you are normally looking at well over $50 each, which is not a small amount for some people. A brand new PC game will often cost less, which can be a big difference maker for those who simply don’t have a ton of extra income.

Not only that, but with the existence of Steam, you can find a ton of great games for under $5, which is relatively unheard of for console games. There are also many more games available for PC than for console, so you have a lot more of a selection to choose from. If you browse throughout Steam, you will see thousands and thousands of games, many of which won’t cost more than a few dollars.

There is No “Pay to Play” Multiplayer

While the PS3 had the amazing feature to be able to play online for free, Sony got rid of that feature on the PS4. In the modern day, if you want to play online on a console, you will have to pay for it.

While it is pretty cheap for what you get, it is still infinitely more costly than gaming online on a computer, which won’t cost you a dime. This is a huge benefit for some people as many feel that shouldn’t need to pay extra to simply play the game they bought online.

The Ability to Play With Free Mods

When you buy a game on the console, you are essentially locked into playing the game how the company and developer wants. While this isn’t a huge issue (as many games are still great), they can sometimes get boring after dozens and dozens of hours of gameplay.

PC gamers, on the other hand, really never have this problem of “getting bored with a game”. The big reason for this is the fact that mods exist for most games on the PC. This means you can customize a game in so many ways that it is almost like getting dozens of different games in one. If you want to drown the whole city of Los Santos in GTA 5 and swim with sharks in the streets, you can do that with ease.

These mods open up the true possibility of the games that release and because of the free and open market on the internet, many of them are free.

More Affordable Overall in the Long Run

There is no doubting that the start-up cost associated with high quality PC gaming are higher than with a console, but that is slowly starting to shift. While it once would cost you well over $1000 to build a customized gaming PC, that number is much lower now as prices on many components has dropped a lot in recent years.

But the big reason why PC gaming is more affordable in the long run is for the ease of upgrade. If you want to upgrade from the current gen console to the next gen console, you will have to buy a whole new system and all new games. But with PC gaming, you can upgrade the various components in your machine for much less than it would cost to go out and buy a new one. This also means your computer should last significantly longer than a console will.

Also, you likely need a computer already for work or school, so why not kill two birds with one stone and also play games on it to?

So while gaming on consoles is still great and remain popular, people should definitely still consider gaming on a computer if they haven’t before. Of course, ensure you like and enjoy it before spending hundreds on a shiny new gaming PC.

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