The most-watched anime on Crunchyroll by region

Last year, in 2019, it was the end of a decade. And Crunchyroll used this opportunity to analyze which anime series was the most-watched in all parts of the world on the platform. The team from Crunchyroll took a look at some of the viewing habits and trends of its users for the past ten years. The results? Please stick with us to find out!

North and Central America

Crunchyroll users in North and Central America share a huge love for The Seventh Hokage. Naruto Shippuden was the most-watched anime over the past decade, according to data from Crunchyroll. Yet, it also had some competition, especially in the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Barbados, where the users also loved the anime One Piece. As for the neighbors in Canada, the users watched Attack on Titan the most. However, Naruto remains the heir of the throne in this region. 

South America

South America is another Shippuden-heavy region making Naruto take the crown here as well. But, Goku was also beloved by users in Venezuela and Colombia as Dragon Ball Super was also watched a lot by users here. 


The users in Europe don’t seem to have a favorite, and several countries well represent many of the anime available with a VPN on Crunchyroll. For example, in countries like Spain, Switzerland, and Slovenia, Shippuden is once again the winner. 

As for users in the Vatican, they showed a big interest in the anime Academia. Overall, in several countries, including Russia, Black Clover was the most-watched anime from Crunchyroll. What’s more, users in Poland and Belarus shared a mutual interest in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure over the past decade.  

The Middle East

Users in the Middle East were very clear about their preferences. As it was for the America region, Shippuden was once again the winner as the most-watched anime in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and the United Arab Emirates. Yet, Black Clover also showed that it is a popular anime in Iran and Iraq. 

So far, there’s a trend we can notice: Naruto and Black Clover fans really stick together. 


African users showed a pretty clear interest in Black Clover in tens of countries, including Kenya, Madagascar, Mali, Ethiopia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. As for South African Crunchyroll users, they showed a different favorite: My Hero Academia. 


Well, it’s no surprise that Asian users favored Shippuden over any other anime. In fact, Asia is the land of Shippuden. 

Black Clover, however, also found a lot of success with users in Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. As for users in Japan, they preferred RWBY, an American-made series. 


Different countries across Oceania showed interest in different anime series. For example, users in Australia and New Zealand preferred My Hero Academia. In contrast, users in Papua New Guinea and Guam made Naruto the king again as they watched BRUTO and Shippuden the most over the past decade. 


Users in Antarctica also showed interest in the anime world, watching the most the anime series called Hunter x Hunter. 

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