New Instasize Version Conquers As All-In-One Content Creating App

Instasize made a huge name with its simple and highly effective purpose: by letting its users upload images without having to crop them into squares. Since Instasize launched, the standard of photography in Instagram rose to a professional level and creating interactive content is easier now, helping it become one of the most popular Instagram-related apps to date.

The app remains true to its core, offering its “creatives”, as Instasize likes to refer to their user base,  complete freedom to crop, resize, and much more. Creatives are able to upload their images, crop with a wide variety of cropping options, and if you’re still looking to add borders to your image, the app offers a ton of themed border packages. These are updated monthly – the last border package being “Marble” themed which has proven to be quite the editing trend as downloads of that specific border pack have skyrocketed.

One of the most noticeable features of the new version is the wider selection of filters. It seems like Instasize is ready to take the filters throne, with more than 60 elegant choices that will give a layer of sophistication to any type of photo. The wide range of Filters will help you achieve any type of Instagram aesthetic – and in a day and age where social media reigns supreme, having a consistent theme on any platform is vital.

The filters provided on Instasize will give your photos a professional finish, ensuring the likes and overall engagement on your page will increase. Your followers crave consistency, give them what they want! Several filters available in the new version specifically give off a film effect, and the results look like the photos were really treated in a dark room. From textured and vintage to bright and luminous, these filters will satisfy artistic photography yearnings, no matter what effect you’re going for. The app also comes with state of the art editing adjustments – users can freely manipulate brightness, contrast, sharpness, LUX, and so much more. It’s crazy the amount of editing power can be so easily carried around in your pocket.

Another amazing feature that Instasize added is the in-app text editor. Cool looking fonts are readily available for those who like to post often and add text to Instagram + Instagram  Stories. Instasize offers more font options compared to Instagram’s mere 5 fonts, and it adds drama and effect in unique ways. As a premium member of Instasize, users can expect a new collection of fonts on a monthly basis – keeping the editing fun and on trend. The themed borders the app comes equipped with complement the text tool, and are perfect for posting promo mechanics, announcements, and all kinds of text-heavy content. It gives more freedom and allows more room to style and curate in a way that’s attractive and easy to understand.

The new Instasize also allows users to edit videos, making it the perfect app to curate and edit all kinds of content not only for Instagram stories but for video posts too. Effortlessly match your video footage to any current Instagram theme you have ongoing. 2018 is the year of video – so keep this in mind as you’re curating content for your various social media platforms! Aside from personal use, brands, sellers, and those doing promotions can use this tool for creating fun and engaging announcements without limiting themselves to the default presets of Instagram.

The app also comes equipped with a wide array of Beauty Tool that is great for correcting skin imperfections, like blemishes and uneven skin tones. Those who want to tinker around with this feature can fake a summer glow by adding vibrancy, tan, and glow. We can imagine that this feature will be popular for selfie addicts, as they will definitely appreciate a beauty tool that finally does the job well, unlike other beautification tools from other apps that show exaggerated, unnatural results.

The new Instasize has a free 7-day trial upon downloading for Android and iOS, and users have to pay $4.99 a month for a premium. But with all the features that come with a small price each month, we say it’s well worth it.

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