Best Electric Scooters of 2018

Gone are the days when only kids and teenagers could play electric scooters. If you are like most people, you surely want to try a thing or two that your kids love. So, why not get electric scooters for adults? Here we will share you the list of the best electric scooters of 2018. But before looking at the models, there are several things that you need to know before picking one for you.

There are several advantages when you use an electric scooter for adults. One of the best things is that this allows you to move around conveniently, without wasting your energy. Electric scooters are a fun way to hang around your neighborhoods without expenses like gasoline. And yes, it is the eco-friendly sport of thing.

If you want to find the best electric scooters of 2018 for you, there are some features that you must consider. You will get lucky if you can visit the physical store of the scooters. But if not, you could always stick to the good factors.

What makes a good electric scooter

The best electric scooters of 2018 do not merely come from the best brands on earth. You also need to consider certain factors below.

The good power

A good electric scooter must have good power. Keep in mind that it is for an adult. You may want to use it for going uphill or carrying some stuff while on the way. Consider choosing one which has powerful enough torque to carry you and your stuff. The adequate power and torque will come in handy in many different scenarios. You can also ask about the top scooters speed. The electric scooters will be better if they have high speeds, in case you are going for distances.

The weight limit

What makes a good electric scooter is the one that can cater to your weight. It is important to keep in mind that you must combine your weight with the stuff that you would bring. Well, just like as you see on the street there are a lot of scooter users carry their backpack which can be overweight. As the result, their scooter can be broken in no time. Of course, you will not want to experience that. The scooter must accommodate the total weight of yours and your stuff. The key here is to choose one with the best material of design, structure, and construction. Again, you will improve your chance if you visit the physical store.

Is it noisy?

Electric scooters, just like other electric means do procure noise. The level of noise can depend on the listeners. But you need to set your own standard when it comes to your neighborhood. The last thing you want is to be complained by the lady next door because she can’t bear to hear the high noise level of your scooter. Fortunately, the most recent electric scooters now have low noise level, which is friendlier for your neighborhood.

Battery Life

One of the things that you should consider when purchasing electric scooters is the energy efficiency of the scooter. The best electric scooters of 2018 happen to have long life battery. The built-in battery is the key to a joyful ride with your scooter. The scooter should be able to serve the purpose of long distance before the needs of recharge. The powerful torque with energy efficiency is a must for the modern electric scooter. Also, consider if you could find the spare battery at the official store in case of emergency.

The adequate size and capacity

The adequate size is very important. We mentioned that the weight limit is crucial, so is the size. A small scooter can look awkward when you use it. If you are tall, consider larger scooter to match your body size.

The maximum weight limit does exist because of reason. You should not violate it. Doing so will only make your scooter broken.

Safety for the users

We mentioned that high speed can be prevalent for the electric scooters nowadays. Indeed, they are important, but it is also important to make sure that your soon-to-be scooter is safe to use. Check the brake, stability, ergonomic factors, as well as the maneuverability. The wheel size is also the important factor to safety.                                             

The price

Although price does not merely just about the quality, you should consider this well. First things first, you need to set the amount of money you want to spend just for this electric scooter. That way, you will be able to narrow down your selection to some more.

Why do you need electric scooters?

Electric scooters are no longer exclusive for teens and kids. Now adults can enjoy this too. Also, the electric scooter has been important means of transportation for commuters nowadays. If the distance between your house and office is not that far, the electric scooter can be a much cheaper alternative for you to travel around.

More and more adults are investing in these marvelous means of transportation. These can break the traffic jams, saving hundreds of bucks per month for gasoline, reducing air pollution, saving your energy, and tons of advantages. But more importantly, you will be participating in the green movement by using electric scooters as regular means of transportation. Not to mention that it can also be a fun experience shared with friends or family too. People love the fun ideas behind riding the scooters.

The key features above will help you deciding the best scooters for you. The best electric scooters of 2018 are incredibly popular. Not only that they are cost and energy saving, but also eco-friendly. The most recent models come with new features and cool designs. We have compiled some of the best to save your time in researching.

The best electric scooters of 2018

Here are some of the best electric scooters that you can check on the market

  1. Part Electric Scooter
  2. Razor E300S
  3. Razor EcoSmart
  4. Super Turbo 1000 Elite
  5. Ancheta S600
  6. Central Electric Scooter
  7. GBTiger Adult Scooter
  8. Gigabyte Groove
  9. Swagtron Swagger


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