Best Cheap Tablets for first Time Tablet Users

Android offers some of the best cheap tablets in the world. They offer a great user experience and multitude of options, while being highly affordable. Today, we are going to discuss some of the best Android tablets, with respect to features that are most commonly sought by the first-time tablet users.


1. Operating system

Tablets that use latest version of Android firmware are generally very efficient. As soon as you log in to your Gmail account,you get in touch with all the music, photos and documents. Android offers the largest app store with almost 2.2 million apps available. It is improving every day in its features, layouts, and performance.

• NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1

It has a pretty design and style. It operates on Android OS 7.0 Nougat, which can be updated. It is one of the most affordable tablets in the market right now, but that doesn’t compromise on what it has to offer. This makes is it one of the best cheap tablets on our list.

2. Multiple User Profiles

You can use multiple accounts on an android tablet. You will have an option to work and play. You can easily move from watching movies and listening to music to editing documents. Some devices even have the option to switch between accounts without the need to sign in.

• ASUS Zen Pad S 8.0

You get the option to use multiple accounts with ASUS ZEN PAD 8.0. It runs ona 1.8GHz processor. This offers perfect support for multitasking.

3. High Storage Capacity

Android tablet PCs have the highest storage capacity. Users will get 32GB to download apps, movies, games, songs and other data. You can also extend the storage with a memory card.

• Amazon Fire 8

The new Amazon Fire 8 has 1.5 GB Ram and 32GB internal memory. It has a high storage capacity which is going to help you manage all your data in one device.

4. Slim and Smart

The best cheap tablet should be slim, stylish and smart. They come in different size ranging from 5-inches to 12-inches and also have different colors. The prices vary from size to size.

• Xiaomi Mi Pad 3

It is a decent compact device with the most affordable price. Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 is a slim and smart looking device, which has a5-inches screen. This tabletis alightweight, as they are comparatively smaller than a notebook computer.

5. Battery life

Battery life is one of the most important features, which a first-time user looks for in a best cheap tablet. There are three things which affect battery time size of the battery, brightness of the screen backlight, and the amount of time the tablet is on.

• Asus Zen Pad C 7.0

Asus Zen Pas C 7.0 is an Android Tablet PC offers an 8 hour battery backup on a full charge. 13Wh 3450mAH Li-polymer Battery enables it to carry out background processes and still offer a decent run time.

Android tablets are very efficient products, which can help you multitask among other functions. This was a list of the best cheap tablets for first time users. We hope that you found it useful.

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