5 Important Ways to Stay Safe Online

Today, with cybercriminals, hackers, scammers, malware and many other threats, the internet can be seen to be an unsafe place to be. In fact with the advent of devices such as Smartphones, tablets, and laptops as well as internet connected gadgets has paved ways for more and greater risks. However, there are ways and measures to stay safe online. To find out how you can be safe while online, check this site.

This article highlights some of the ways to ensure your machine is protected while you surfing the internet.

  1. Create hard to guess passwords

Many users tend to ignore this method; however, it can be an effective way to ensure your device is to hacked and also to protect your personal data from being stolen by hackers. It is advisable to create complex and exceptional passwords for every account you own since this way, you will be keeping your personal and financial information secured. In today’s world, there are widespread corporate hacks, that once they affect one database, it becomes easier to reveal all user passwords. If you use your passwords in more than one account, it becomes easier for a hacker to use the leaked data from one attack and use it to access your other accounts. Another important thing to do to ensure your passwords are strong is to use a password manager which aids you to save and create complex passwords for every account you own. The most complex passwords you can use are to combine characters, numbers and text. For instance, you can use something like #39tlB*00. This is a strong password as it contains numbers, characters and text and it has more than eight characters.

  1. Tighten your network security

After ensuring your logins are safer, the next step is to make sure your network security is boosted. As you access the internet at home, chances are that your router is always password-protected meaning your data is encrypted in a fulltime basis. But what if you are travelling and you decide to use the free Wi-Fi, let’s say you are on an areophane?

Most public Wi-Fi is often unsecured. This is dangerous as a hacker can access your device or personal information. to avoid this, you need to boost your network security by using a Virtual private Network(VPN). This VPN will help create a secure connection as you browse the internet making it possible for you to connect safely in whatever location you are.

  1. Secure your mobile devices

Let’s face it! Since the advent of mobile phone devices, people have been using them to do research, shop for goods, and find important information online. Few users are aware that these mobile devices we use are more vulnerable to online threats just like the laptops we use. Today, hackers are using secret means to attack mobile device users and one of the ways is the use of apps and dangerous links which they send to users as text messages. It is advisable to avoid responding to such messages from strangers and also avoid clicking such links as they are more likely to redirect you hence revealing your personal information without your knowledge. Another important thing to note is that, you must ensure you download apps from a trusted site. To achieve this, you need to read other user’s reviews first before you click that download button.

  1. Shop and browse safely

As you use your mobile for browsing the internet or shopping, ensure you do that in a safe manner. Remember all these activities are done online, by visiting websites for your research as you buy and sell goods online. To ensure you are safe, always check to see that the site you are visiting starts with “https:” and has an icon that resembles a padlock in the URL field, with the word secure appearing after the padlock icon. This is a symbol that the website is secure and encrypts your data to prevent it from being intercepted by other users. Another thing to note is to check for websites that contain spelling mistakes as well as grammatical errors in their addresses. Hackers use copycat technique of genuine websites.

  1. Back up your data regularly

Yes, you do not want to lose your important photos, documents, music and programs, but what if you save them today in your devices and you are attacked overnight? This is a good reason as to why you must ensure you back up your data on a regular basis. To achieve this, you must get an external hard drive and ensure it can automatically back up your data either every day, weekly or monthly.


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