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Are you considering Magma Translation for your translating needs? If you are, then chances are you are well aware of the beauty of language learning. It is as much about concept and layers as it is about proper grammar and structure.

When it comes to translating, it becomes even more daunting because one word can mean differently when it is used in a certain context. Often the very word you know of transforms into a completely different expression when used, all thanks to its layers of distinct meaning. Take Portuguese, for instance.

Portuguese is widely considered as a Neo-Latin language; a romance language which was initially developed from Latin. Specificaly built using 23 to 26 letters of the Latin alphabet, the language is spoken by more than 260-million of speakers worldwide.

Being the third European language that is most spoken and the sixth language in the world that is natively spoken, it is clear to see that the language is not only a major language of those living in the Southern Hemisphere.

Despite the popularity of the language, it is not quite easy to learn. Many are in love with the language, but as soon as they get around the idea of learning Portuguese, they quickly realize their love has taken them through some incredibly tough times during the process.

To many English native speakers, the closest foreign language they often encounter and they have ever had the opportunity to learn is Spanish. When they come across and fall in love with Portuguese, the slightly familiar language makes them think they have won the battle. With their knowledge of Spanish, perhaps it will not be too difficult to learn Portuguese – but such is not the case, as they soon find out.

Compared to Spanish, Portuguese is considerably more complex grammatically as evidenced from its confusing placement variety of clitic pronounce and its extensive use of both personal infinitive and subjunctive. More often, despite their best efforts, they end up with a string of sentence that seems odd.

While perhaps it is their lack of resource that leads them to these odd constructions and verbal regency that make zero sense, the language itself surely was not made to be easy. Being a romance language, Portuguese is as beautiful as it is headache inducing. And it is all thanks to the language’s flexibility.

The sense of flexibility is one thing that many fluent speakers appreciate from the language, but to those who are currently learning, this fluidity is an absolute nightmare. There seems to be no solid ground for them to make a foundation on before moving on to building up their skills.

It is frustrating, and it may take you a long time to fully understand the language, and longer to fully master Portuguese. So the moment you are faced with a document or anything in Portuguese, you know that you are doomed. Partly because you know that even an online will not be able to help you now.

If the flexibility of this beautiful language can fool serious and passionate learners, it seems impossible to us that a website with its artificial intelligence can crack the code. No one would want to be a laughing stock for mistranslating a sentence, and you have a credibility and image to uphold.

What does one have to do in this situation? I am sure all of us have ever found the need to translate a document to English and then respond using the foreign language as well. If this is only for our personal needs, then online translator may be enough. But when a lot is at stake and you need it to be properly translated and understood in order to destroy any room for doubt, Magma Translation is the answer.

Yes, Magma as the world leading translation company offering solutions to non-native Portuguese speakers. By facilitating global content production using the proper grammar and structure as well as translating documents using the proper expression and layers without sacrificing your grand concept.

If you are working in a field that does not only require, but also demands high precision and accuracy, Magma translation agency also provides affordable translation service of the following sectors:

· Simultaneous Translation and Consecutive Translation

· Administrative Translation

· Advertising and Marketing Translation

· Software and Website Translation

· Website Translation

· Certified Translation

· Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation

· Technical Manual Translation

· Legal Translation

· Petrochemical Translation

· Automotive Translation, etc.

Its high-quality translation service is a perfect solution for those with large scale projects with proper structure and maximum accuracy requirement. Contact Magma’s Portuguese Translation Service for more information.

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