New Designer Tool Launched for Powerpoint by Microsoft

Microsoft launched two new Powerpoint tools called Designer and Morph. The new tools will make users add custom pictures and animations to the Ppt slides more easily. Some weeks later, the tools will be available for subscribers of Office 365.

Designer tool will give easiness for users to add pictures to the Powerpoint slides in the basic level. In the previous version, when you need to add pictures to the slides, you should resize the image manually, as well as doing other adjustment such as cropping or other formatting on the slides. Microsoft Powerpoint with the Designer tool will propose layouts according to the slide and image type.

The layout suggestions will come out in the slides of cover and content. It will change according to the type of the slide, picture and template. If an angular look is emphasized by the slide templates, the pictures will be cropped so balancing angles are showed.

The feature looks small but Microsoft needed several years to make the Powerpoint tools. They hired professional designers to create about 12,000 layouts for the tools. The tool that is backed with cloud generates real time suggestions by using image analysis and machine learning techniques. Microsoft said that the tool development will be done over the time.

Meanwhile, another tool called Morph will allow the users to create cinematic motion to the slide. By using the tool, you can make animations for every element on the slide so graphics or tables can be illustrated pretty well.

The Powerpoint tools will be available for the subscribers of Office 365 on Windows mobile and desktop first. Next months, the tools will also be available for Mac, Android and iOS. Furthermore, Microsoft also launches Office Insider program that will enable the users to see early look of Windows Office features. The new tools of Powerpoint will become the start to make completely automated presentations in the future.

The designer of the tool, Maloney said that the small step will become great changes next time. He said that the Powerpoint users will not do anymore thing in the future. All the users need is just input the information in minimum amount and the new features of Powerpoint will put the information together into the presentation automatically. That is the long term vision of the designer about how he will design the new Powerpoint tools in the future. Therefore, every user can have amazing presentations with Powerpoint.

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