7 Important Factors To Consider Before Buying A New Laptop

Buying a laptop can be a hectic task especially for first-time buyers. However, getting the most important things to look for, when buying your new laptop can simplify the whole process.

Below is a list of the most important factors to consider before you buy your new laptop.
1. Identify your needs and requirementsThis is the first thing to consider before making your first move to buy your new laptop. If you are a student, of course, your needs will be to have a laptop that will help you in doing research and other college tasks. Nowadays you can get the Best Laptops for College Students in the market at a reasonable price.

Additionally, if you are a business person, your requirements will be to get a laptop to help you in your day to day business operations. Identifying your needs and requirements will help you narrow down your search so as to get the right laptop for your needs.

2. BudgetTruth is told, you cannot just wake up and decide to buy a laptop without first setting a budget for it. You may end up leaving out some of the important things in your house and then getting back to your pocket to buy them thus incurring unexpected expenditure. Since you have identified your needs and requirements and that you know where your laptop will be used, it’s time to set the budget for it. Note that different people have different purchasing power, hence it is good to set a budget for your laptop before buying it.

3. Size matters If you want a portable laptop, then you need to consider one that you can easily carry anywhere anytime. however, if you are looking for a laptop that you are going to use at home, size doesn’t matter. If you are looking for a machine that you can use at your work, consider going for a laptop that has a screen size of about 14’ or less.

4. CPU CPU is also referred to as the Central Processing Unit or the processor. This is the engine of your laptop. All the processes take place here. The speed of your laptop is determined by the processor. If you will use your laptop to browse the internet, edit videos or play most recent games, then you need a powerful processor. Since most of the time you will be multitasking, you must buy a laptop that offers the best performance. How does it feel to have a laptop that will be taking ages just to load a webpage or to load a game? It’s very embarrassing to have such a laptop. Ensure you buy a laptop with a fast processor that will let you do your tasks smoothly. Most recent laptops come with CPU of two makes, Intel and AMD. Although both offer a great performance, Intel is well thought-out to be more highly developed than AMD. Laptops that come with Intel processors also sell at a higher price than those with AMD processors.

5. RAM RAM is also known as Random Access Memory. This part of a computer system is designed to hasten the processing of applications. A 4GB RAM is recommended for smooth operations of numerous tasks. Video editing and graphics designing are considered to be the heaviest processing activities so if you are going to use your laptop for these activities, you need to get more than 4GB RAM. Another important factor you need to check is to get a laptop with  DDR3 RAM since it is the most recent and runs at a rapid frequency than the old DDR2 RAM.

6. Storage capacity or hard drive capacityThis is the physical part of a computer system where all your data is stored. The capacity of your hard drive will depend on what you will be using your laptop for. However, different laptops with different hard drive come with different prices, although you can buy a laptop with a lower hard drive and replace the hard drive with a higher hard drive. SSDs hard drive is recommended since they are faster than their counterpart HDD, and SSDs come at a quite expensive rate than HDD.

7. Battery lifeThis is another important factor to consider when buying your new laptop. For a portable laptop, you need to consider one that has a decent battery life since you will be carrying your laptop everywhere. A poor battery life will embarrass you.

Conclusion The list above is not comprehensive since every laptop user has different preferences. However, there are other factors such the operating system, screen size and type, keyboard quality and design among, others. Note that the list above consists of the most important factors that you should look for when buying your new laptop.

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