Things to consider while buying the best ELD providers for operating systems

ELD stands for Electronic logging device that has been used by the owner-operators such as the truck drivers and those professionals that work as carriers of electronic motors. This device is very helpful in keeping the record of accurate Hours of Service (HOS). This device is primarily used to track the number of driving hours a commercial driver has spent in driving trucks or carrying motors.

Let us look at some of the important tips which you should note while going to make a decision for buying the most suitable ELD devices for your own operating system which are mentioned below:

  1. Experience with the industries

You must always select a company which has gained prior experience in working with the similar industries and are not the naïve ones. Those who are experienced must be having better solutions in terms of designing and other things for fulfilling the needs of the commercial truck drivers.

  1. The cost-effectiveness

The hardware provided by the ELD companies should not be requiring an expensive installation procedure and it should not be demanding for any permanent modifications in your transport. All these inconveniences lead to further complications for you. You should go for the simplest options such as plugging the device and playing so as to maintain the motion of the truck as per the laws. You should go for those options that offer a minimal amount of subscription and hardware cost is as low as possible.

  1. The accessibility and user ability of the device

You already are burdened with a lot of stuff and responsibilities such as that of managing the operations, taking the safety of the devices and the drivers into consideration, the schedules for dispatching the trucks and so on. You should always choose those ELD devices that are the simplest to use and learning to use them is easy. The procedure should be effortless and must be completed in real time so that your target can be achieved faster.

  1. Support from a North American country

North American support is must so as to deal with the questions and doubts of the customers and the issues they are facing must be resolved as quickly as possible. The support team must be capable enough to build trust among the users very quickly and they should be responding to the needs of the customers. You must look for a supporting team that is in close proximity to you otherwise, the farther the location of the support team, the harder it becomes to effectively communicate with them.

  1. Safety is the first priority

For you being the owner-operator, you should be having a high score for safety as the penalties especially the rules violation fines cannot be appreciated at all. The insurance companies and the other dealers would be highly impressed to see that you have a superb safety score. The assurance of safety would help you in contributing more time towards dealing with issues such as contract maintenance, loading the material, looking for better insurance tie-ups etc. You may collaborate with some android application such as BigRoad ELD which can prevent the risk of rules violations.

  1. Taking reviews is crucial

Well, this is again a very important tip which you must keep in your mind as the perception of the user for the service provider is worth to be noted. The application which has got the maximum ratings and likes means that they are better at providing facilities to their customers and have an increased sense of understanding with users’ demands and requirements.

  1. Always try before buying any service

You should always ask for a free trial if possible so as to check their management for a certain period of time before purchasing their facilities. It will aid in learning the functioning of their system as well as helps you in making the right decision for whether the particular company is right for you or not.


The bottom line is that you have to select that hardware that suit you the best and thus, the above-mentioned things must be kept in mind in order to avoid making any wrong decision.

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