Getting Hired in 4 Simple Steps: The Right Way to Apply for a Job

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Some people become unduly anxious about the application and interview process, but it is not as scary or as complicated as it seems. There are things that you can do that will make it more likely you’ll get the position toward which you aspire. Here are the aspects of the process that you don’t ever want to neglect as you get yourself ready to join or rejoin the job market.

A Professional Resume

Your resume is the way that you introduce yourself to a possible employer. You want to make a favorable impression from the beginning, which is why you don’t want a resume that looks like it was hastily thrown together. You can check out LiveCareer’s traditional resume templates to get an idea of what a conventional resume should resemble. You don’t want to get experimental or too creative. An employer is looking for a particular format, font, and for specific language choices as well. If you haven’t created a resume for yourself before, it can be helpful to get someone in your family to look it over, or even to hire a professional resume writer to give you some tips.

Be Well Groomed

When a potential employer has called you back, and you’re getting ready to go to the interview, make sure that you dress professionally. That means no baggy pants, revealing clothing, large, ostentatious jewelry, or anything of that nature. You’re trying to convey an image of yourself, and if you show up unshaven or wearing dirty clothing, it sends a strong message that you don’t care about getting the position.

Acing the Interview

During the interview process, project confidence. Maintain good posture. Answer questions fully in a clear voice, with no mumbling or pauses. Look the hiring manager in the eye, but at the same time, don’t be confrontational. It’s appropriate to shake their hand when you meet them and at the conclusion of the interview. Don’t give them a “dead fish” handshake, but also don’t be overly enthusiastic about it. Smile, and express to them the reasons that you feel like you’d be a good fit for the company.

Follow Up

It’s appropriate to follow up the interview if you haven’t heard back from the person to whom you spoke within the next few days. Call and tell them that you appreciated their taking the time to meet with you. It would not be out of line to ask them when they plan on coming to a decision. It indicates that you still want the job and that you’re eager to start. Don’t badger them, however. If the potential employer says that they’ll decide within the next week, for instance, you need to wait at least that long before reaching out again.

Hunting for a job can be frustrating sometimes if you don’t find something immediately, but it’s best to try and stay positive about it. You know your skill set, and you know your worth. If you visualize good things happening for your career, then there is no reason why they can’t. It is when you give up on yourself, or you start projecting a defeatist attitude that employers will pick up on your temperament. You are unlikely to get the job if that’s the case.

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