Lighting your flagpole – Things to keep in mind

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Recently, commercial and residential flagpoles have gained immense prominence! But not many people are aware of the process of flagpole lighting. And the few that know about it, lack know-how on the finer details. For instance, it is essential to understand that lighting up the flag doesn’t end the process. You should also illuminate the pole to offer a visual stream that starts right at ground level, moves up the sky and finally ends in your flag.

There are many such finer nuances associated with lighting up a flagpole. But first and foremost, you need to get your flagpole. For this, you can check out American made flag poles for sale.

Points to consider

The critical factors you must consider are as follows:

The illumination aspect

Have you decided how bright you want the flagpole lighting to be? Do you want it to shine bright amongst all the background landscape? If yes, then you need to fine tune the brightness based on the color of the flag. Usually, colors like blue and dark red absorb in very vibrant light. So, it’s a smart call to choose your brightness scale to 7 watts or at best 300 lumens, which is close to 35-watt incandescent variant.

Get the dimension correct

How wide or narrow do you want it to be? You flag might wave in either direction. Hence, you need to know if you want the light to spread around. Based on this you will have to decide on the flagpole dimension and placement.

Consider the lights

Are you sure on the type of light you wish to use? When it comes to using directional lights, you can resort to both in-grader and spotlights. Also, when you want to install the lights inside a turf, you can opt-in for the in-grade fixture.

The number of lights

You need to consider the number of lights you want in the flagpole! Usually, a count between two and three is sufficient to brighten up the flag. And it also makes sure that the pole shadow won’t make the flag obscure.

Fix the location

It is a vital consideration. You need to lighten up both the flagpole and the flag. Hence, it’s always best to have one light that will project light to the pole near to the ground. Your fixture should stay located close to a distance of one foot in the pool. Else it should get mounted on the flagpole.

However, when you opt-in for more fixtures, then you can also mount others places that you can access, located at any random distance from the flagpole. You require the fixture for illuminating your flagpole. Otherwise, it is usually white and requires shallow light as compared to the flagpole.

Consider the beam spreads

It is a smart call to choose the narrowest beam spreads for the flag! It is essential to have a wide beam that illuminates the entire flagpole, irrespective of the pole placement.

These are some of the essential considerations that you need to make when you want to illuminate the flagpole. You can even ask your flagpole installer for necessary advice and guidelines.

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