Top 5 Tips to Take a Perfect Picture from Your Android Mobile

Android devices are equipped with many useful features and settings to take perfect pictures. Let’s discuss few impressive tips and tricks to take perfect photos from your Android device.

Android phone devices have replaced the regular camera device to a larger extent. Today smartphone cameras are used to take photos as amateur or professional photographer. In fact, a lot has been changed in the photography techniques using smartphone cameras as numerous useful features are added to these handy devices. To be a good photographer, photography is just not defined as having good camera device as it requires to know the added features and functions of it. Then technology also comes in a scene, which makes your photography expertise more skillful. In this article, we can discuss few effective tips to take a perfect picture from your Android device.

Finding the right exposure settings: When you do photography three factors makes the difference in your output. It includes exposure time, aperture and ISO values. You can elaborate it as how brightly the picture is exposed, how accurately and sharply the background is focused and whether the selected object in motion is blurred in the image. In smartphones, you cannot adjust the aperture, yet you can set the right settings for the exposure time and ISO value. Long exposure times can help you improve the illumination of your photo, whereas short exposure times, can freeze a moment in time. ISO value indicates the light sensitivity of the sensor. The higher the ISO value, the more sensitive it would be.

Set the focus right: To get a perfect picture from your smartphone device, a lot depends on the right focus while taking a picture. The autofocus function on your device is quite helpful though it can’t determine exactly the object exactly we want to keep in focus. Thus setting focus right can help you get the perfect picture. To do this on your smartphone camera device, a simple touch of a finger to set focus is enough to avoid this problem. Simply touch the smartphone screen where you want the camera to focus on setting the object in the photo right. You can find the other focus mode as well in camera settings.

Take multiple shots, sort them out later: This simple tip can help you save precious moments of your life for a lifetime. When you click some precious moments on your smartphone camera, never rely on a single click as some sudden problem may arise in the photo which you overlooked. Take multiple pictures and take it until you feel satisfied that you have got that perfect picture for you. Many recent smartphones offer a serial image function, which helps you take several shots in a series with just one press of the button. You can also try burst mode if possible. You can try changing exposure settings to get some better pics.

Rule of thirds: Rule of thirds is considered to be the simplified implementation of more complicated golden ratio. It helps you divide the frame into multiple parts and helps you the better placement of the main subjects in the photo. In the rule of thirds, the image is subdivided into two vertical and two horizontal guidelines to create nine uniform boxes. It helps you fix subject at the right place. To do this, you can place subject to one of the four intersection points or along the line. Many smartphones offer various additional features and settings for help lines, which is useful to take perfect pictures on your Android smartphones.

Rule of Space: Rule of space in the photography helps some subjects in the photo to breathe or to look cleaner. This simple rule can create more harmony in the photo. Using this rule correctly can create a sense of activity, movement or completion in the composition. With portrait, it is advisable to leave space in the direction of the eyes rather than cutting it off immediately at the face. When you are taking a photo of moving object, consider leaving room in the place where the object is moving.

Bonus tip: To make your pictures look perfect or to enjoy some amazing added features of a smartphone camera, you can consider using apps for Android camera. There are numerous apps available for your various needs on Android smartphone.

Following these simple tips, you can take some perfect pictures on your Android smartphone. These functions are useful enough to create a visible difference in your regular photos.

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