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It is always interesting to hear why people do not use forms on their website and they stuff their e mail Id instead. However, it late because this trend has passed year ago. Now, everything is interactive and people love to share opinions and provide feedback but not via emails. They need a pre designed form where they can just fill out the fields and submit. The significance of forms can be understood at this point. However, its common and every website has a form on the contact page but does it match with the site. Here designing comes under question and it must be sorted effectively.

Below are the categories that can help in identifying the forms and their necessity. So it is better, to learn all the aspects and attach a great form that actually works for simplifying the task of users on the website.

  1. Survey form is very essential if the website targets to learn about the visitor and it also helps in targeting the audience in an effective manner. Some facts like user interest, goal and taste can easily be identified with the help of survey form.
  2. Improve the customer service can be simplified with the help of feedback form which is mandatory for all the sites. Generally, people like the product or service when they feel safe and their voice reaches effectively. Ratings can be induced in the forms and drop down menu is also a better option to make them raise their views effectively.
  3. Gathering the information with the help of application form is also beneficial because name, comments, special information and contact details can be fetched easily. However, here attachment section must be added because there are some files that act as supporting document.

Learn about how to make a form in html with aidaform because this platform has provided ample support to the newbie users who do not even have knowledge about coding. Its normal and everyone is well versed with the terms. Just pay attention on the steps that are mentioned in the site and start making the form. If still the user needs ultra-fast work, then the website has also created readymade form.

This is the actual coding of the form and it is generated so the user can directly paste the code on the website. However, it is a simple form with limited details and fields so there are no chances of modification.

Creating the form-

If you are curious to learn about how to make a form in html, then sign up with aidaform and choose the template that matches the site and the design. After this process a control panel opens on the visual html editor. From this panel the user can select the required field and move it on the form. After this comes the publishing part. After publishing use the codes generated and insert in the site for attaching the form.

The form will get attached and you will get the responses directly in the linked account.

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