Samsung Galaxy Tabs S2 Review

Samsung is the big technology company that is trusted by many customers. One of their famous products is Gadget and Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is one of their gadget’s products that get a lot of attention from a lot of people. This is the ultra light android tablet that becomes the latest iPad challenger in the gadget market.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is having the two new screens sizes that that is similar with the iPad air 2 and iPad mini 4 with the 4:3 aspect of the ratio. The price is also identical. This Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 has the price of $499 for the 9,7 inch tablet version and the $399 for the 8 inch mini equivalent. Besides that, this Samsung device is having the 32 GB for it space. This is bigger than the Apple’s entry level models that are having the 16 GB space. In fact, Samsung and Apple are always making phone that is seemed similar for one to another. For the example is the iPhone 65 and the Samsung Galaxy S6.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 has the great weight, design and the software features that make it as the best tablets nowadays. This tablet is nicer to hold than the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10,5 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8,4. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is only 389gr in weight for the 9,7 inch tablet and 265gr in weight for the 8 inch version. You can have the ideal position with this new tablet.

samsung galaxy tab s2 the worlds thinnest tablet Samsung Galaxy Tabs S2 review

Besides that, this Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is really easy to store and it has the effortless hold. Why it is lighter? It is because this tablet is using the soft touch plastic cover instead of the aluminum shell. For the frame, this new tablet is using the metal edges outline instead of the plastic frame. However, this tablet is still felt smooth.

There is a microSD card slot that is placed on the frame that can optionally boost the 32GB and 64 GB space configurations with the 128GB additional of the expandable storage. There is also the solid feeling power button and the volume. The stereo speakers, an off center micro USB port line and the headphone jack are placed in the bottom of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.

This new tab has the physical fingerprint sensing home button in the front of the tablet. It has the usual oval shape and two capacitive buttons. For the display, Samsung has the best display features than the other competitors. It has the super bright AMOLED screen with the vivid colors with the good resolutions for the both versions.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 display is really vibrant and sharp. However, it has the three different objectives that are bent on. They are the web surfing, iPad rivaling and the flip board reading. In Summary, Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is still the best tablet in the market nowadays and it has the best quality that is never be doubted as one of the Samsung’s Products.

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