What is Pay Per call- A comprehensive guide

If you are into the online business or working with the marketing team, you must have heard of this term- pay per call!

But what exactly is pay per call and why businesses are so crazy about it?

Basically, pay per call which is also called as cost per call or PPCall is an advertising method which has resulted in one of the most beneficial advertising types for industries. Here only the business need to pay when someone will make the call. Rest of the viewing or clicking will not be paid.

But when someone calls the tracking number, the payout is usually more compared to the other mode of advertisement. And so, pay per call is quite popular in both advertising and publisher community.

So, if you are a publisher also and receive some great traffic which you think are targeted, you must try the pay per call ads compared to any other.

Here is a simple infographic sharing how exactly pay per call form of advertisement works-

Usually, for a company, it starts with you need to sign up for a call tracking platform and then get a toll-free or tracking number. Here the toll-free number is more preferred as the caller don’t have to pay for the call and instead the company pays for it. And so, the caller won’t have to think about the call charges.

At the same time, for publishers, you need to sign up with any pay per call networks and add your website or blogs. Once approved, you can start placing the ad and start earning as soon as someone will call to their tracking system.

Who uses pay per call?

Here are some of the top users of the pay per call mode of advertisement-

#1 advertisers

Advertisers can promote their campaigns, products, and services to get maximum benefits. They can do the following-

● Create pay per call campaigns
● Track calls to marketing campaigns and publishers
● Manage commissions and monitor costs
● Track partner performance
● Control call treatment and routing
● Access custom reporting and real-time analytics

#2 Performance Marketing Agencies

The marketing agencies can promote their clients’ product or services without losing the attributions and to gain the maximum traffic and conversion.

#3 Ad networks

Ad networks can collaborate with the tracking medium to promote the pay per call advertisement medium. With this ad networks can know whether that is a valid lead or not. And the other parameters like clicks, medium, geo., etc. which will help to build the reports and a better medium.

What Pay Per Call Advertising Works

Here are some of the amazing features of the pay per call marketing as a lead generation strategy.

● Create pay per call campaigns for products and services
● Set payout terms and conditions as per product and campaigns
● Make campaign creative with the graphics
● Assign tracking phone numbers and route the calls without manual interventions
● Provide affiliate/publisher logins
● Start, pause and stop campaigns anytime
● Track campaign costs and ROI
● Pay only for the calls received

How to Get Started with Pay Per Call

If you are looking to get started with pay per call marketing, the easiest and fastest way is to work with a pay per call network. Pay Per Call Networks connects call buyers (commonly called advertisers) with call sellers (commonly called publishers or affiliates). Advertisers can run campaigns and only need to pay for each qualified call they receive while publishers can earn money by generating inbound calls. It’s a win-win scenario!

One way to do this is by applying to a pay per call network on their website. But the best way is to use PayPerCallNetworks to fast-track you applications and immediately apply you to account managers at all of the top pay per call networks.

All you have to do is visit PayPerCallNetworks.com, select the networks you want to work with and that’s it! You’re application will be received and sent directly to the best pay per call companies that you should work with.


These were all about the pay per call advertising medium. If you are a business, you must try this kind of advertisement to get some targeted leads at less cost and marketing budget.

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