Top Ten Tips for Choosing Office Chairs in Thailand

Finding the best office chairs in Thailand for your employees is vitally important. Considering that staff spend hours every day and thousands of hours every year sitting in them, their importance can’t be understated. Regardless of your budget, you can find a quality chair to suit your office needs. Put another way, a good quality office chair is a long-term investment in the health and productivity of your staff. Doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and ergonomic furniture designers all agree that there are ten crucial things to look for when selecting an ergonomic office chair, let’s see what they are:

Full back support

It goes without saying that office chairs should be comfortable and have a full back. Why? Because this is the best way to increase productivity and reduce injury. They should provide a multitude of adjustable positions: recline, lumbar support, height.

The right fit

The right fit is paramount. For example, if the seat pan is too big or the seat too high, the user cannot take advantage of the backrest. This will cause them to sit forward to get their feet on the ground, causing the spine out of its natural curve and placing pressure on the discs.

Directional adjustment

The key to fantastic office chairs in Thailand is quite simple: they must be adjustable in all directions. You want to invest in a chair that can be adjusted up and down, and tilted side to side. This is what’s required for proper posture alignment. 

Tool-less adjustment

In conjunction with the point above. To ensure that employees can quickly and easily adjust their own chair and communal ones (i.e., in a conference room), it’s highly recommended that you select chairs that don’t require any adjustment tools (these will invariably get lost). 

Breathable upholstery

The most recommended kind of chair upholstery is one that’s breathable and made of medium texture. Why? Because an office chair’s upholstery must be comfortable for sitting all day long. Don’t choose anything abrasive, itchy, slippery or overly hot. 

Easy reclining

Your chair should support your back as you sit, that’s the most important part of its job. While it is okay to recline the chair back slightly, don’t go too far as this will strain the neck, particularly if you’re viewing a computer monitor. 

Waterfall seat pan

According to the professionals, the best kind of seat is one with a waterfall front, aka one that curves down. This prevents the seat from catching behind the knees. The seat pan should also be contoured to allow even weight distribution and avoid compression of the buttocks and thighs. 

Arms and shoulders

You might think a chair is all about the user’s legs, feet and buttocks, not so, don’t overlook the arms and shoulders too! A common sign a chair isn’t right is if you have to shrug your shoulders to get your elbows on the armrests. Your chair’s armrest positions should be flexible but not uncomfortable. 

90 degree angles

If the angles of your hips, knees and ankles aren’t comfortably at 90 degrees in your current seat, that’s a sure sign that it’s not the right fit for you. All your joints should ideally stay at 90 degrees. If they are not, your chair is either too tall or short for you.

Get moving!

An ergonomic office chair and movement are the keys to keep blood and oxygen flowing. The best office chairs in Thailand not only let you move but let you do so while giving you the full support your body needs. 

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