How Pick a Number Game has Evolved to Revolutinize our Brains

Life is defined by patterns which are closely monitored by numbers. Everything revolve around numbers, be it time, health, technology, name it. As a result number games were invented for society to enjoy the fascination about numbers bring to our lives. Pick a number game is the cradle of entertainment.

Ancient Number Games

It’s true when ancient Greeks believed that the future lies in numbers. One of the most prominent scientist and the mathematician, Fibonacci was particularly interested in numbers. The birth of Fibonacci ratio was as a result of some sort of number games.

Fibonacci  discovered that some patters follow specific arithmetical order. For instance the number of petals on flower. Some flower petals follow specific algorithms of numbers. It’s through number games where people imagine and discover new ways. Pick a number game can also result in discovering such intriguing discoveries.

History of Pick a Number Game

Number games is deeply embedded in our DNA such that we believe that we shall follow a specific way of life. Zodiac signs like cancer which occurs 20th to 22nd July every year. It defines traits like loyalty. This is how life moves from numbers to traits. If you are playing with a friend pick a number game then he or she picks number 722, you can relate it with cancer.

Pick a number game is something you can create with respect to your environment, personality, time etc. There are some of number games which have existed long enough to witness changes in time. Let’s travel to the past and identify some of those discoveries.

1. Policy Shops in New York

Probably invented somewhere before 1880’s, policy shops has existed over a millennium. As the name suggests it was played by policy makers mainly by committee members of the New York state assembly. The game finally smashed stages and spread across the entire country. It was particularly welcomed by African America and Italian American societies.

This is how the game is played, several numbers are drawn, 1 to 75. People staking would choose their own numbers on which to gamble with. How one party won depended on factors like mean number of sales, serially numbered tickets, etc.

Years later the game was played by poor people. Bets were staked with as little as a penny. To encourage more people joining the game, organizers used debts. Speculators often played on loans offered by policy banks.

2. Nigger Pool in  Boston

Well known for its competitive marathon, Boston is also the birthplace of a pick a number game. Nigger pool populated many black neighborhood in Boston. Introduced in early 1950s, the game seemed to have been tinkering with people’s minds through numbers.

Borrowed from Suffolk races, for example if Suffolk downs was closed, the winner could be manipulated by controlling the handle. It was official that the number was based on earlier races.

Being a form of gambling, nigger pool took different turns including being ruled by mafias, gangs, etc. As a result it attracted many restrictions. Strict regulation prevented interstate gambling especially by football organizers.

3. Playing the bug in Atlanta

Much is not known about the bug. The game was first played in 1935 and it was controlled by powerful cartels and gangs. The game involved three parties. There was the owners who were hardened criminals and they broke the law anytime they encountered it. The owners also regulated the number of new entrants in the market by using coercions. Scared business men will then scatter the thoughts of hosting the game. This how pick a number game ensured less people will benefit from it.

The receipt ‘writers’ this are the people who generated the numbers. How they did it in 1930s isn’t known. As the masterminds of the game, they enjoyed 25% of the total profit.They were also subjected to higher risks like being apprehended by lawendorcers.

The gamblers were the third party. They placed their bets on different numbers that receipt writers had generated earlier.

Pick a number game has enlighten many, unlocked infinite possibilities in the world of sports, science, technology etc. Number games is therefore definitive. It continuously define the daily rhythm of life and predicts the future. Participating in such games will leave you with an intriguing experience. Don’t forget to check out on importance of number games.

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