How to Ensure Your Construction Website Is User-Friendly

When you work in the physical world, digital spaces are probably not your highest priority. Hopefully, your construction business at least has a website (since having a simple one is better than not having one), but if you want to grow your business, your site should be more than just a placeholder. An attractive, user-friendly website will help potential customers find your company and learn everything they’re looking to learn from a site. Here’s what you can to do make sure your website is user-friendly and easy to find.

Hire a web design team.

No one knows how to make a site user-friendly more than a professional team of web designers. An even better option is the team of experts at Contractor Gorilla who know the exact website needs for a construction business. They can make you a custom website that looks fantastic and stays construction focused. The team learns about your specific company and creates a site that shows off your work and encourages website visitors to contact you. Making a site user-friendly is about knowing the purpose of a page, and the experts can create meaningful pages that inform visitors and look incredible. They’ll build a website that includes everything your clients are looking for: testimonials, construction timelines, contact information, and more. A user-friendly site should be accessible to everyone, well organized, and fast. If your website doesn’t meet these standards, you will lose clients as visitors will quickly become frustrated or confused. Don’t drive away potential customers by having an outdated website. Hire the experts who will create a unique and attractive site, and watch your business grow.

Talk with your current clients.

Talking with your current clients is a great way to learn more about your digital presence. Ask them how they found your company and if they checked out the website first. Maybe they searched “concrete mixing company in Flushing, NY” and your business was the first that showed up in the results. That means you’ve done a great job with your SEO (search engine optimization) and your company is easy to find. If they tell you that they had to hunt for your business’s website, then you know you need to improve your SEO. They might say that you were recommended by a friend but they were almost turned away by your site. That’s a clear indication that you need to make the site more user-friendly. Talk with them about what parts of the site were difficult to navigate. It could be that the page loaded too slowly or when they clicked on the contact information page, it didn’t lead anywhere. The professionals can easily fix those problems, so use this knowledge to your advantage.

Keep your site (and your business) current.

The trick to an amazing website, besides hiring a great design team, is to stay current. If you aren’t regularly employing a web designer, make sure you have someone check out the site every few months. They can assess the site’s accessibility and user-friendliness. It’s also just a good rule of thumb to update your website every 18 to 30 months. Refreshing your site’s look will ensure it stays current and attractive. A website isn’t something you can just create and then forget about. Problems do pop up, so make sure you visit your site frequently to ensure it’s still running properly. You may want to increase your site speed, link to new social media platforms, or update the structure. Keeping your site current will keep your business practices current. Add more features as your company grows and you’ll never lack business.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your company’s website. Hire a great designer, talk with your clients, and keep your site current. You’ll notice the difference.

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