4 Cloud-Based Tools All Project Managers Must Use


From various corporate tasks that are done in managerial level, project management is one of the most important ones. A project manager is responsible to oversee the execution of a plan, from making the ideas, visioning the goal, gathering the resources, to executions and evaluation. Even with several people doing it together as a team, project manager has difficult job in making sure that the goal is achieved.

Years ago, project management tool only consisted of whiteboard, marker, Post-It, and perhaps a modest set of projection tool for presentation. However, to improve efficiency, you must consider having cloud-based tool to make the project smoother and successful.

4 Cloud-Based Project Management Tools to Have

The goal of having cloud-based project management tool is more efficiency, better project centralization, quicker project delivery, and better evaluation. Here are the best tools in the market right now:


This tool is favored because of its simplicity. ActiveCollab is so user-friendly that it does not require extensive training before being used. Unlike other new tools, ActiveCollab uses column and timeline views, so you can see the summaries of the project easily. There are also several add on features that make the tool easy to use between its systems. Active Collab features include email management, document management, invoicing, task progress, and email communication. The price reaches $500 in the beginning, but once you have it, you only need to pay about $25 per month.

Pivotal Tracker

This project management tool is perfect for mobile developers and web designers, especially if there are several projects that must be done at the same time. The futuristic apps allow users to share personal stories from each of their project parts. Other features include direct message app, iOS app, and apps to handle multiple web development projects, helping the users reach their goals quicker. The first cost is about $75 for Pro and $300 for Corporate, and you can collaborate with 49 other people with this cloud-based tool.


Nutcache is one of the newest project management tools. You can immediately see that the tool has grid-style visual, which makes it easier to use multiple apps and check on project’s progress in one screen. The tool also has more streamlined system, in which you can use multiple apps in one time, such as project overview and time tracking. It will be easy for you to be able to check everything in your project (including the budgeting progress) with Nutcache. You have to pay $250/month for Enterprise version and $14/month for Pro version.


This is also a great cloud-based tool to project management, especially with its project review features that consist of project progress tracking, real-time report, and activity history that you can see in the dashboard. The regular version is about $20 per month, while the enterprise version is $100. This tool also has automatic transfer and report features, so you can quickly share the information and progress with others.

Cloud-based project management tools are great to finish your project smoothly; by providing automatic shares, data transfers, progress tracking, project history recording, and other useful tools to achieve goal in your project even faster.

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