How to Be Your Own Boss When You Don’t Have Your Company, Yet

When it comes to chasing your dreams, there’s no such thing as boundaries that could hinder you from chasing your dreams, not even unemployment. For someone who’s determined to reach his or her goals, being off the employment grid is just a temporary obstacle to surpass.

Confidence, skills, and opportunities make up for the success equation in the entrepreneurial department. But sometimes, getting on the right footing is not as easy as it seems. The realization hits you hard  – the struggle is real!

Even the most passionate business owners also experience rough waters when it comes to looking for the right business idea. For some young entrepreneurs, the ideas are overflowing but never get off the ground. For others, ideas are sketchy and uncertain and remain unexplored.

So, if you’re one of those beautiful souls who wants a career move or who wants to start his or her own business but doesn’t know how to do it, consider first the reflective questions below:

  • What do you want or need to start your business?
  • What hobbies can you monetize?
  • Is there something that you want to learn?

What do you want or need to start your business?


If you are looking for a second source of income, consider representing another company to market their products such as cosmetics, clothing line, pieces of jewelry, etc. There’s no need for you to create a business plan or significant investment to start. And the best thing is, it can work your hours.

Do you plan to quit your job and start your own business? What is your reason? If your primary motivation is to choose a business that is convenient for your time, it’s good. If you want a career change, it’s good too! Whatever personal reason you have, make it your stepping stone. 

Do you want to be a boss? Of course, you do. Whether you just want to become financially independent or want to make your dreams come true, the road to success always starts with a sound idea.

Ladies and gentlemen, you need to be honest about your weaknesses and strengths if you want to become an entrepreneur. You can make affordable business cards to sell your creativity if you’re into crafty stuff. You can start your music school if you have a knack for it to sell your skills. Everything is possible.

Regardless of what business you want to start, it also helps if you’re resourceful and have excellent networking skills. If you don’t have the skill, no need to worry. It’s never too late to learn.

What Hobbies Can You Monetize?


Do you have hobbies that you can monetize? Do you like to redecorate your home? Have you thought about print your own tshirt? Choose something that you are passionate about as building your own business requires time, effort, and sacrifice. If you pick something that doesn’t interest you or you don’t like to do, it will be hard for you. 

It will help if you ask yourself these questions:

  • If you could have a different job, what would it be?
  • Do you have hobbies with business potentials?
  • How do you use your free time?
  • Do you like volunteering?
  • What are the things that you excel in?

Sometimes talents are too visible if you’re a painter, a musician, a photographer, etc. If you already have a profession, you might want to start a private practice for a business that you can call your own and have a quality yet cheap business cards with your name on them.

Or maybe, you have hobbies like candle making, quilting, or anything that you can market. So, what about those talents that are less obvious? If you’re one of those people who don’t know their skills yet, you can ask your family and friends who know you. You might still have marketable skills that they can identify.

Is There Something that You Want to Learn?


Most of the time, the things that catch our interests the most are the things that we are yet to learn. If you love language or literature, you can enroll in a creative writing course and turn your skill into profit by writing short stories, blogs, and novels.

There are exciting careers that you can venture into with a certificate instead of a degree. It will only take less than a year or two to earn. Inquire on your local community college to see what certificate programs are available in your area. 



It’s never too late to polish an old skill or polish a new one. And, it’s never too late to start your own business if you have a marketable skill, the right ambition and you know what you want to do in life. The most important thing is you decide to take a step forward. So, let your dreams begin and be your own boss!

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