Cirrus Insight Acquires to Empower Users

Cirrus Insight is one of the prominent CRM software providing features such as meeting scheduling, email tracking, customer relationship management, Salesforce integration, follow- ups, etc. One of the fastest growing companies in the US, Cirrus Insight is a sales productivity platform which is used by a wide array of clients. By acquiring, which is a developer of real time document tracking g software, Cirrus Insight adds on a number of features into its product line for its clients. uses real time analytics to check if the receiver has opened the attachment be it in word, pdf or files in other formats or not; and if seen, what are the pages the user have actually looked upon.

While the users are quite familiar with the functionality of Cirrus Insight, the point of question is that how is going to be beneficial for the users and whether Cirrus Insight has made a wise decision by acquiring

Brandon Bruce, Chief Operating Officer of Cirrus said in a statement that there are around five billion email attachments sent out on daily basis but the irony is that the sender has almost no clue or other medium of knowing whether the recipient opened or viewed their attachments. With the help of efficient real time tracking platform like we are now effectively solving that problem because tells senders everything that happens to a document once they have sent it. So what is

If you have send the wrong file or want to do some correction of it, you can simply take your message back and then resend it and get the real time analytics using Attach. One can also share tracked documents without leaving Gmail. Oneof the best things about it is, whether the file is in a usual format like pdf or something typical, it works well with all. Also, you can set a password with expiry date or revoke access so as to make sure that your documents are secure. After sending your mail, you do not have any idea of how the person responded. With, one can understand, how the recipient read through the attachment and what he/she focused on , who else they shared it with, what links they clicked on and how the user is communicating with the content so that you get streamline it to get the best effect. You can also able to check the performance of your content with engagement and drop of reports.

As CirrusInsight is a customer management software developer, adding such features to its list of productivity apps is anadvantage for its clients and helps everybody to establish a strong communication with their clients. By acquiring it has empowered users with document management and real time attachment tracking which helps it to take a step further and add a new dimension. CirrusInsight and is that significant consolidation which can provide people better opportunities to fulfil their sales and client goals.

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