A Guide to Buy the Right Perfume


There are many women who have a proper scent wardrobe because they keep changing their fragrance every day. This is because; they want to avoid the thing that their sense of smell will get used to just one perfume.

But considering having a perfume wardrobe also means one needs to consider certain things while buying them.

  • The very first thing that one needs to remember is that when they want to go for fragrance shopping, then they need to do that in the morning. This is because; in the morning, the sense of smell is strong and fresh, and it will never be challenged by a wide range of odours.
  • Also, one should not wear a perfume when they are going to buy one. This is because; it can disrupt the real smell of the fragrance that one will smell before buying them. It is even better to shop with a partner or a friend because sometimes they can also suggest a nice smell.
  • Before going to buy a perfume, one needs to be clear about certain things. Like; when will be they wearing the perfume (at day or at night?); where will be they wearing it (office, party, casual outings) or what kind of perfume do they prefer?
  • Do they want to repeat the fragrances they have already worn or they need a new smell for their wardrobe?

If one has no idea on what perfume they want or if they are going for the perfume shopping for the first time, then one needs to check what category of smell attracts them. One can check the fragrances from different categories like oriental, flora, Cyprus (for her) and wooded, aromatic or oriental (for him). The scent sample cards can always help one to eliminate the categories which appeal less to them. Once the category of scent is chosen, one can try and discover new varieties in those categories only. This is because each and every category has vast varieties to select from.

In order to make a best choice, one should not apply more than 3 perfume samples at a time on the skin. If you think that it becomes difficult to smell the accurate fragrance one after another, then one can breathe some coffee beans in between smelling 2 samples. If one is too torn between 2 fragrances, then they can take both which can be a great addition to the fragrance wardrobe.

Also, one may wonder that even if they bought the perfume after loving their smell, does that perfume really suitthem. In order to get a review, one can always wear the fragrance and ask their friends and family that whether they smell nice or not, or if the smell is suiting them at all. If they say yes, then one knows that they have picked the right one.

One can check the huge collection of Tom Ford perfumes and try their sample before picking up something they love and want to add.

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