Typ 262 as the Recent Leica M Series Camera

Typ 262 as the Recent Leica M Series CameraMobile gadget might be something interesting to be enjoyed and know now. Sure, you become one of them who are also interested in having such a bunch of idea regarding to the information about the mobile technology. That is including the mobile gadget as like camera which makes people feel that enjoyed taking pictures during their great moment, for example during the vacation, and make a great collection of photos. That is especially for people who feel not that enough using their mobile phone camera to capture such the moment into the great photos. It will be something good for you to hunt the wide ranges of camera which will be suitable to your need. Perhaps, you are in love with particular brand of camera, for example Leica which offers the luxury camera for them who love photography and simplicity. Even though the price is not that cheap, Leica camera has the wide ranges of series. That is including recent Leica digital rangefinder series called Typ 262. That comes from the M series. That is focused on the features which are really essential.

The Cheapest Leica M Series

Typ 262Leica is well known as the luxury camera with such the high prices. However, it has various series including for the low series ones called D-lux which has the lower price among other series of Leica cameras. However, for the M series of Leica cameras which becomes the specialization of Leica, Typ 262 becomes the cheapest one. The price for this camera is not less than US $5,000. As the comparison, the previous product of M series named Typ 240 is still in the range of price of not less than US $7,000. Of course, Typ 262 as the affordable M series product has some limitation or lack which might need to be noticed compared to another cameras in the same series.

Features and Specs of Typ 262

Typ 262 has some similar specs to the Leica M Typ 240. That is including the 24mp full frame sensor. There is also the optical viewfinder which helps on the manual focus. Still, Typ 262 has some disadvantages compared to its older brother. That is including the unavailable feature of live view to shot the pic from the LCD. Another thing which becomes the disadvantage of this camera is that it could not record video. Those are some of the lacks which we need to notice from the camera of Leica M Typ 262. This mobile camera can be such the good idea as the option for photography lover to find the right camera.


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