5 Unique Appropriate Technologies; A Contribution to Humanity

Who says that a technology needs to come from a complex thought and a bunch of theories? The truth is, the idea of developing and inventing a new technology can come from a very simple idea.

The Power of Idea

The idea can come right when you walk along the village in one remote area and see many people bring bucket filled with water, or maybe one night when you wander what can you do to contribute to humanity?

The Honesty

It is all an honesty that wins, after all. The honesty of helping people, the honesty of contributing to humanity, the honesty of being a human to help other human. These 5 technologies are unique yet very effective applied in some remote areas. You will see how content the makers are to see the genuine smile appeared on those who need. Let’s have a look and get inspired.

The Useful Tools

Bicycle-powered Water Pump


A British Engineer named John Leary made a bicycle-powered water pump, to fulfill the needs of water irrigation and distribution in Guatemala. The mechanism is simple; it just takes him to connect the back tire of bicycle with friction ware that is connected to electric pump. The tool will be pumping water up to 40 liters per minute. Also, the design is very portable. This has been regularly produced in Guatemala.

The Free Cheap Wheelchair


A couple has successfully been blessed to see the smiles grow in some parts of the world that need the most. The couple of Schoendorfer decided to make a cheap, yet efficient wheelchair. Not so long after, the wheelchair was created with a very cheap expense, which is less than 60 USD. The wheelchair is made in China. The company whose the name scratched in the wheelchair has been giving more than 481,000 wheelchairs to not less than 75 countries, without any collection costs to the recipient.

Hippo Roller


In some parts of Africa, water distribution is a huge homework to do by women and children. Hippo Roller is a very simple tool used to lift water from the source to villages, with not less than 85 liters capacity. The shape is like a vat with stick pusher that enables the Hippo Roller to move. With this tool, there will be no more difficult homework to do; it will be more efficient and energy saving.

Furnace Rocket


This tool combines air pathway furnace with fuel slot on the bottom of the opening of combustion chamber, which in turn goes to chimney and heat exchangers. This tool has been popular in some African countries. It is very easy to make, with a little fuel such as twigs and stalk. This makes the tool efficient and very good in decreasing the use of woods. In 2009, this tools won an International award.



Life in a straw. Who knows that a new invented straw could be very beneficial in some remote area that has a lack of clean water? If there is an award for a life saver, this might go to this one. in about 2009, there are about five thousands of people died caused by drinking unsafe water every day. However, the number has decreased from six thousands, two years before. And Lifestraw played a very important role.

The tool is a very cheap water filter, with seven hundred liters water for efficiency, the same number with the amount of water drunk by one person per year. The tools is very easy to use and does not need electrical energy. The tool can filter more up to 99, 99% types of bacteria and 98, 7% types of virus living in water. And of course, this makes it an award-winning tools.

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