What Are the Steps To Car Detailing?

Car detailing is restoring a car’s exterior and interior to pristine condition. It is typically performed by a professional but can also be done by someone who does not have professional training.

You will need a few tools to help detail your car:

1. A clean towel or microfiber cloth: Use this to dry the car once it has been washed and rinsed.

2. A wash mitt, sponge or an old rag: Use this to apply the detergents and shampoos to your car.

3. A chamois: Use this to dry the car once it has been washed, rinsed and dried off with your towel.

4. A wheel brush: This is a must for any detailed car. This will help you clean the wheels and any other vehicle parts that may have accumulated dirt or debris over time.

5. Rubber gloves: You will need these to prevent leaving behind your fingerprints! Always wear rubber gloves when working with chemicals so that you do not contaminate the chemicals or spread bacteria around!


Most people know that the benefit of car detailing is that it will make your vehicle look like the day you drove off the lot, but what most people don’t know is how to detail their own vehicle! Below are the steps that you should take to complete a detailed job on your vehicle. There are many different ways to detail your vehicle, and we will get into those later in the guide, but for now, we will go over the basic process that is typically used.

1. Prepare the Vehicle

Before washing your car, consider taking off all unnecessary accessories and personal items. If you have a lot of spare parts for your car, take them off so you can start with a clean slate. This will make it easier to put the lint-free towels and cleaners in your car! Also, turning off the lights and cleaning around the radio will give you the perfect lighting to wash your car. If possible, remove all of your items from the passenger seat before beginning to wash so that you do not get any stains on them.

2. Wash the Car

After you have prepared your vehicle, you can start washing it. Start by getting the soap and water from your bucket and pouring it over the car. Use your wash mitt to spread the soap around, then use a sponge or old rag to scrub into any tough stains. Next, grab your hose or pressure washer and rinse off your car’s soap residue.

You should ensure that the wheels are also washed using the wheel brush before moving on to the next step.

3. Rinse the Vehicle Thoroughly

After you have washed your vehicle, you will need to spray it down with a hose or pressure washer. Use one of your microfiber cloths to wipe away any soap residue that is left on the car, and then put another cloth or tissue on top of that for protection. Use your chamois to dry the car off so that you do not damage any paint or clear coatings.

4. Wax Your Car

After you have washed your car, it is time to wax it! You can use car wax, detailing clay or even paste wax. If you do not want to spend the money on paste wax, you can use the car wax used for cars. When using the kind of car wax that is used for cars, you will need to wash and dry your vehicle as usual and then apply a layer of the product onto your vehicle.

5. Dry Your Car

Finally, after you have washed and waxed your car, it is time to dry it! Use a chamois or drying towel to dry off your car’s wet spots. If you do not have a chamois or drying towel, you can use a microfiber cloth to dry the wet spots on your car.


After you finish detailing your car, you will have a vehicle that looks like it just came off the lot. Your car will look like it has never been exposed to the elements and stay in high-quality condition for years. It will also make cleaning your car a lot easier when you want to get rid of any dirt or debris on your car. You must take these steps to have a high-quality, detailed car. When you have a freshly exact vehicle, it will look good and clean for many years!

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