Why CallHippo is an ideal Virtual Phone System for Startups and SMEs?

When looking for the above requirements, virtual phone system is a holistic solution. Cloud based Virtual Phone System is a technology which transfers voice communications and multimedia through the Internet. This cloud based system eliminates the complexity of communication networks and cables.

All Enterprises require a communication system for their Marketing, Sales or Support. But, when one has just started it’s journey as a Startup, it is unwilling to shell out extra bucks for ‘just Communication’, which indeed is the backbone of their company. The sky high prices of big players in the market, scare the small businesses and prevent them from strengthening their backbones.

CallHippo is the new Calcium for Startups and SMEs. It provides virtual phone numbers of more than 50+ countries and cost effectively solves communication problems of these companies by setting up their system in less than 3 minutes. With enticing features at reduced prices makes CallHippo the new big player in the existing market. Here are some of the enticing features of CallHippo:

  • Local Phone Numbers
    CallHippo provides local virtual phone numbers of over 50+ countries to their clients at minimal rates. Virtual Phone Number also mean Direct Inward Dialing, abbreviated as DID. It allows access to a number in which a contact number does not have a direct association to any telephone line. Thus, reducing the hardware investment costs. All you need is internet access through your desktops, laptops or mobiles. CallHippo allows you to access virtual calling from mobile phones with help of CallHippo Android App. This also helps businesses create a sense of local presence and helps induce trust from customers. Unbelievable, right ?
  • Customized IVR  (Interactive Voice Response)
    With IVR, CallHippo helps design customized voice notes for all your callers. This helps you to greet your clients with cordial messages and automated options and let them easily navigate their requirements. This creates an aura of corporate organizational structure and promotes confidence.
  • Call Forwarding
    At early stage of business, one can not afford to lose a single lead. When you are breathing your startup in and out, why let the time boundaries keep you away from your customers? In CallHippo, Each user can choose to have their calls forwarded to several phones and remain reachable 24*7. The calls are automatically forwarded to the required personnel according to customer’s input for automated options. Feature of voicemail allows customers to record their messages and be heard around the clock. For each voicemail dropped, get a digital audio file of the message to registered email address along with an optional transcription.
  • Hassle Free Working
    To collectively manage your calls, clients and teammates from anywhere on Earth, all you need is your phone. This feature is not limited to an individual but can be implemented across individual teams for collaboration. This can be implemented for Marketing-Sales-Support teams and various other. This helps teams work in sync,all in the limits of your pocket.
  • Call Recording & Analytics
    When your business is just a sapling, nurture it with the right nutrients by analysis the Feedback from calls. Keeping Regular tabs on phone support performance, missed calls, call load of each teammate and many more becomes easy with inbuilt feature of call analytics. Did I mention at lower rates?

CallHippo hosts all the features of existing Virtual Telephony System. The fact that they provide wonderful services at wonderful prices make all features startup friendly. The cherry on the top is that, the company itself is startup friendly. They run a startup promotional offer where they provide their services to startups at yet a lower rate to help them grow to their full potential.

If this doesn’t make it an ideal Virtual Phone System, what will?


Try it, Love it !

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