How to Match Your Jacket Leather to Your Bike

There’s nothing quite like the look of a comfortable, quality leather jacket. Motorcycle jackets come in a range of sizes, fits and colors, so it can be difficult to find the perfect option to pull off the look you’re going for. Use this buying guide to compare the most important features of a leather motorcycle jacket.

Compare Styles

Motorcycle jackets come in as many styles as motorcycles. Cruiser jackets, sport bike jackets and touring jackets all have different cuts for different riding styles. Shop for a jacket that matches the style of your bike to enjoy a comfortable, stylish look. Without the right jacket design, it could bunch up as you ride or prevent you from sitting comfortably at the proper angle.

Some jackets include additional pockets, while others include vents for intense rides. Depending on your climate and riding style, you may need a jacket that can quickly change from a full inner liner and complete insulation to lightweight, breathable comfort.

Choose a Color

Black is the undisputed champion of motorcycle jacket colors. However, don’t let that stop you from checking the field. Many leather sport bike jackets and other styles of jackets come in brown, gray and other tones. A different color can help you stand out in a crowd. It’s particularly striking if one of these alternative tones matches your bike or other accessories.

Remember to invest in leather care. Without leather conditioner and proper maintenance, your beautiful jacket may begin to dry, crack and fade. Don’t let your deep black jacket turn to a dull gray, but take care of your leather to keep the same unforgettable color.

Find Your Fit

Ideally, your motorcycle jacket should fit snugly. Broad shoulders, tight waist and comfortable arm lengths can not only give you the freedom of movement and protection you need, but it’ll improve your overall look. Just like a suit jacket, you want your bike jacket to look tailored to your individual frame.

Keep Safety in Mind

Motorcycle jackets are about much more than style. Pick up a jacket that keeps you safe on the road. Additional padding prevents scrapes, bruises and other damage if you take a tumble on your bike. An inner liner provides insulation for cold-weather rides, but can be removed when things heat up.

Look for the Best Accessories to Complete Your Look

A motorcycle jacket on its own may not offer the look you’re going for. Consider your entire outfit and gear up as necessary. For long-distance rides, consider riding pants, tall boots and riding gloves. Short commutes may not need all this serious gear, so select the perfect jacket to match your riding shoes and jeans. Regardless of the look you’re going for, a quality leather jacket should be the foundation of your stylish look and practical protection.

Compare the best cruiser jackets this year with other jacket styles to discover the best option for your bike. Don’t settle with a generic jacket that doesn’t fit your frame or bike, but enjoy tailored style, reliable protection and long-lasting comfort as you ride.

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