Creative and Promising Small Business Ideas 2016 – Part I

Small business ideas 2016

Are you a fresh graduate, who is looking for a prospective small business to do this year? Instead of sending many applications to employers, starting up a business is a better idea. There are many small business ideas 2016, which may suit your budget and passion. If your budget is only enough for a small-scale business, then making a difference is the main key for you to succeed.

In this modern era, creativity and skill are important to bring you to the success gate. Even without huge financial resources, you can have a successful business as long as you are creative to take advantage from the available opportunities. The following are some creative small business ideas 2016 for you, as recommended on Businessnewsdaily:

Instagram Consultant

Everyone has an Instagram account; why bother being an Instagram consultant? Aha… you might ask such a question since you do not know what Instagram offers beyond simply a social media network. The truth is that Instagram is increasingly important as a marketing tool for companies. A research in 2015 reported that the number of companies, which would use Instagram to promote their products and services, would reach 48.8% at the end of this year.

This is a great opportunity, right? Many companies simply use the social media without knowing what they are actually doing on the network. It is the time for you to help the companies in focusing their marketing targets. You can start a small business that focuses on maximizing the use of Instagram for business marketing. You can be an Instagram consultant!

Kid-Friendly App Developer

Are you handy in developing apps? This year is a great moment for you. In fact, more and more children now have access to mobile devices. This may concern the parents; therefore, you can help the parents around the world by developing kid-friendly apps. They can be educational games, apps to promote good health with fun, and apps that promote the kids’ creativity. Besides getting the money, you will also win the parents’ heart.

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Picking Up Recyclable Items

Many businesses focus in recycling supplies, such as paper, plastic, and glass. This is not one of creative business ideas 2016. What about recycling electronic and electric items, such as batteries, broken cell phones, broken television, broken laptops, or other gadgets? They are often forgotten, right?

What you need to do is finding a company that recycles such objects and picking up the recyclable items for a fee. This is a promising business if there is an electronic-recycling facility in your town.

Food Truck

This is one of the most creative and promising small business ideas 2016. The principle is simple: you get closer to the customer. The food truck is mobile; you choose the most promising places, such as around the schools or campus. The key to attracting the students (as your customers) is offering delicious foods and beverages with attractive packaging and affordable rate.

Besides the above-mentioned small business ideas 2016, there are many other options. Some of them are internet-based and some others are home-based. Checkout the next post for more alternatives!

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