Will Private Jets Overtake Business-Class Air Travel?

If you travel regularly for business, then you will probably agree that it is worth spending the extra to upgrade from coach to business class, especially for the extra leg room. But, even if your flight is more comfortable, you had to go through the check-in process, stand in a long line at security, and then you are faced with a wait at baggage claim, too.

While business class definitely has its perks, it struggles to compete with a Fly Victor private jet. Here are some of the reasons that traveling on a private jet surpasses business class on a commercial flight:

Quicker Journey Times

Private jets fly at a higher altitude than commercial flights. This means that they can fly directly to locations, as they are not competing with airlines for routes. There is also less waiting time before departure, as you can arrive as little as fifteen minutes before takeoff.

More Landing Options

In the US, private jets can take their pick from more than 5000 airports, whereas larger commercial flights are restricted to approximately 500. This means private jets can land at more convenient locations.

Flexibility and Freedom

If you need to travel across the country for an urgent meeting, you are restricted by the number of scheduled commercial flights available. However, when you charter a private jet, you can select a date and time that works with your timetable.

Privacy and Relaxation

In the comfort of a private jet, you can enjoy the fact that you know other passengers and make the most of the relaxed atmosphere by being productive.

Price Versus Service

With time saving benefits and more convenience, private jets definitely offer something that business class cannot. But is it affordable for the majority of business professionals?

Similarly to taking a vacation, booking last minute can produce big discounts on cost. If you need to book earlier, explore empty leg flights. These are return journeys from a destination that do not have any paying passengers. As such, this can save customers 75% off the original price.

Alternatively, how about paying for your travel via subscription? You can now sign up to a monthly private jet subscription service – a great option if you’re a frequent business flyer.

The New Business Class?

Business class is a fantastic option if you want to fly in comfort, while private jets are brilliant if you would like to be able to travel in style and at a more convenient time. Both have their place in the market, but experts have predicted that the private jet industry will continue to grow in 2017 and beyond, both for business and leisure purpo

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