How to Travel in Australia on a Budget in 2020

One of my favorite destinations in Australia, it has some beautiful places to visit in Australia. Many people skip Australia’s visit because they think that traveling elsewhere would be helpful, then making a trip to Australia because Australia is costly. But you might not know that a trip to Australia could be done at a surprisingly low price, all you have to do is know how to make a good budget. There are students who also visit Australia to complete their education. Studying in Australia is as costly as it might seem to make a trip to Austalia in 2020.  

A magnificent trip to Australia is the best backpackers destination, at a very affordable package. Make a budget before you fly to Australia in 2020, which is the largest Island in the world. Australia is 7 million square kilometers in total, so it actually takes quite some time to do a trip to Australia, covering the entire island. Many people while visiting Australia, take a round of the entire country. Many people again do not cover the entire, Australia because they think that traveling more would be more expensive. It would take 14 days to travel to Australia by car, that also with minimum breaks or rest in between. If you are planning to visit Australia in a budget then you will just have to make some plans. 

Trip to Australia – Save Money 

It is actually not possible to save money but you can definitely make some plans to cut down your expenses while you do a trip to Australia. 

Cheap Stay: 


The hotels in Australia are much costly to stay in for a longer trip if you are ready to cut down with your comfort zone then you can get a comfortable stay in the hostels in Australia. That will help you save money plus you will get everything efficient for yourself. 

Phone Connection: 


You can avoid roaming charges when you are in Australia, Telstra will be able to serve you better to connect to anyone in any corner of earth at affordable calling packages. Their calling and text rates are not very high in fact, they have several offers that can be covered in the long run. 

Cook More:

It is very recommendable to cook food often while you stay in Australia, eating outside in Australia is not cheap at all. At times you might not get an opportunity to cook at all, then you will have to buy food but if you try to cook at the hostel as much as possible then that will save some money on the trip to Australia.   

Sharing Travel Expense: 

In Australia, people tend to lose more money while traveling so it the best way to cut down your expenses if you do your commuting in sharing cabs. It might take you little time but that will help you save a lot of money. You can also plan your trip to Greyhound buses, where you get a pass for $500 to travel in entire Australia.  

Book Package Tours:

 This is an important hack which many might not know, that travelling in a tour package can save a lot of money. If you want you can make a package tour when you leave from home or after going to Australia you can look for travel packages who take very little compared to what you might spend when you will book for yourself. 

Wi-Fi Service: 

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It is a must to seek for a free internet service wherever you go. Many hotels, hostels, and accommodation give you free internet, take advantage of the service and ask for the password in the clubs or cafe too.  

Stay in Australia in 2020

Australia is the largest backpacking destination, and it has various types of accommodation facilities in Australia. You can make your stay in hostels, hotels, couch surfing or any PG accommodation. 

The cheapest beds are available in Airlie Beaches and other Beaches for $20. Whereas the costly beds are available in Wake Up which is Sydney for $40. Some hostels are available at $30 dollar, shared accommodations are for $30 on an average. At the campsites per tent is for $16. 

Knowing some of the names of the hostels might help you connect them beforehand and reach out to them for booking your stay:  



Noosa Flashpackers


Byron Bay Beach Hostel

Bungalow Bay YHA

Absolute Backpackers. 

There are many such hostels but these are well recommended and have good reviews of stay and service. 

Food and Drink in Australia Trip in 2020


As we have mentioned earlier too that buying food is costly in Australia Tour so it is better if you cook your food as often as possible. Having said that, there are many of the hostels which provide amazing food at $5, or the backpackers can get a meal for $5-10. 

Coffee Takeaway- $5

Fruit Smoothies- $5 

Beer – $5-$10

Activities in Australia 

There are many activities which you can do in Australia but amongst, them some are such that you must try such is the PADI Open Waters, Whitsundays water, Sydney Bridge Climb, Great Ocean Road Trip, Surf Lesson, Great Barrier Reef, Magnetic Island.  

Australia Budget Trip 

The budget that we tried to specify over here would include the following facilities

  • A stay for 30 days
  • 3 meals daily
  • Greyhound bus passes
  • Activities are Australia 

All of the above mentioned can be narrowed down to a monthly budget of $3500 in 2020. 

This budget would include stay and meals, transport and main activities gladly for the backpackers. In 4 weeks or one month, you will be able to cover most of eastern Australia which will be great for your expenditure. 


If you are planning to make a trip to Australia then it is best to make a budget beforehand. We have discussed the possible tips here, try to follow them and you will be able to save a lot while you visit one of the costlier places on earth and have some wonderful experience.  

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