2016 Chevrolet Cruze Sedan Review

Finding the best car can be challenging moreover since there are so many new car models which are offered in the market. People can involve their personal taste when choosing the right car for their personal transportation support and it will include the type of car which they will choose. If they consider buying the small sedan, they should consider about 2016 Chevrolet Cruze in their radar since it comes with redesign advantage. It comes with the content as well as style which are cranked up. At the same time, people do not have to worry about the price because it is still affordable and it also comes with fuel efficiency support because of the standard turbo charged engine. The cabin of the car is well equipped as well as attractive. The features of technology are convenient and appealing. However, people should face the fact that there is no new engine choice added to their option. In the L and LS trim level, people will not find the cruise control. It is better to learn further about the offers of 2016 Chevrolet Cruze Sedan.

First of all, people should know more about the trim level offered for this model. This small sedan is offered in four options of trim levels including the L, LS, LT, as well as Premier. L becomes the standard trim level for this car and it will be supported with steel wheels which has 15 inches size combined with air conditioning system, driver seat with adjustable height, steering wheel with tilt and telescoping ability, rear seatbacks with 60/40 split folding ability, Bluetooth, audio system with four speakers and USB pot, OnStar, camera for rear view, as well as infotainment system from MyLink with the central touch screen which has seven inches size, Android Auto, and also Apple CarPlay. There will be more additional features which can be found for other trim levels. It must be more interesting to learn more about the power trains which come with the car after all. 2016 Chevrolet Cruze comes with the turbo charged engine with four cylinders and 1.4 liters of fuel capacity. It is combined with front wheel drive system and it is able to produce 153 horsepower and 177 pound feet of torque. The standard transmission is manual transmission with six speeds and it can be found in L, LS, and also LT trim level. There is also optional choice which comes in automatic transmission option with six speeds. The automatic transmission becomes standard choice for Premier trim level after all. The sedan which comes with automatic transmission is combined with the automatic stop start feature for the engine so the fuel can be saved when the car is not moving.

The overall look of the Cruze with outgoing style becomes the greatest interest of its interior design but in the model for 2016, people will notice that it comes with the interior design which is more stylish. It has the higher quality material with artistic touch from the curving character line on the dashboard. People can also find the next upgrade on this car which comes in the standard infotainment system from MyLink. It offers the standard touch screen with seven inches size but there is also optional version with eight inches touch screen for LT and Premier trim level only. This technology ensures the car comes with the interface which has high technology for boasting the menu structure that is intuitive and the clear graphics. More importantly, people are able to find great safety support for the car since from the control of stability to the rear airbags for side impacts. OnStar becomes another standard safety support for this car.

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