How to Prevent Clutter in the Workplace

Clutter in the workspace can leave workers feeling agitated, unproductive and unmotivated. Sadly, clutter and efficiency just don’t go hand in hand, even for the most creative of professionals. The appearance and overall feel of your office directly impacts how you behave in it.

The key to boosting productivity in your workplace is by making sure the space is completely de-cluttered so that it looks good and makes people feel food. However, de-cluttering your workspace means going beyond putting things away in two draw filing cabinets.

Here are some things to think about if you’ve decided it’s time you to de-clutter the office.

Do You Really Need That?

Step one of de-cluttering is asking yourself if it’s necessary to keep what you’re trying to organise. Before you put items away into filing cabinets, consider if it’s worthwhile holding onto them. If they’re unnecessary, get rid of them.

It’s easy to hoard things when you’re scared of letting them go, but a lot of the time, things are stored away and never looked at. Be selective with what you keep to ensure unnecessary items aren’t taking up valuable space.

Storage Furniture is Key

Invest in some good storage furniture for your workplace. Filing cabinets, shelves and drawers are all great pieces that help to prevent clutter by storing important documents and items in an easy-to-find place.

Filing cabinets and other storage solutions provide you with a quick and easy solution to store away everything from documents and notepads through to books, planners and anything else that’s important enough to make the cut.

Stay On Top Of It

The best way to prevent clutter from piling up is to stay on top of it. Don’t wait until it’s too late to clean, because the job will only get harder and more exhausting. Making sure you’re staying organised all year round will mean you don’t have to conduct a huge clean every few months. Just remember – little steps can create big results.

Clean out your filing cabinets and drawers constantly to avoid your documents piling up to a point that makes the job difficult and tiring. It may also be helpful to look through your files every few weeks to ensure you’re avoiding a pile-up of clutter and chaos.

Digital De-Clutters Are Just As Important

Just as important as the physical clean out, it’s important that you keep on top of your digital files. A digital de-clutter is absolutely necessary to ensure you’re not storing unnecessary documents on your computer, wasting space and making everything run that little bit slower.

An easy way to avoid a cluttered computer is to have everything stored away into proper folders. Relocating old files to a hard drive is another great way to keep your computer performing at its highest speed while freeing up space for other files. Think of hard drives as digital filing cabinets for the older documents that you might need to revisit later on. It’s also wise to have anything important backed up on your hard drive in case something happens to your computer.

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