Simple and Effective Tricks to Increase Your Website Traffic

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While some people may argue that website traffic isn’t everything since a visitor is not the same thing as a paying customer, at one point all your clients were no more than mere visitors. Through the right engagement tactic, you can hopefully convert at least a portion of all the people rushing through your website.

According to one research, an average conversion rate is around 2.35 percent of all visitors, whereas top 10 percent of the internet can boast with figure as high as 11.45 percent. In other words, by increasing your websites traffic, you are gaining a much greater potential customer pool. Here are some simple and effective tricks for achieving this.

Focus on Headlines

According to various surveys, 8 out of 10 people don’t read past the headlines. In order to become an exception to this general rule, your headlines must be as controversial or as intriguing as possible. The best way to do so is to tackle a hot topic or offer a completely new insight on a popular subject. However, words ‘intriguing’ and ‘controversial’ easily get misinterpreted as click-baity, which is in no way the same thing. Remember, the end goal is to convert some of these people into more than just audience. The first step towards this is building a relationship based on trust, so the last thing you want is to begin lying to them starting with your headline.

Become a Part of the Community

A blogosphere is a community with its own delicate ecosystem. Still, one universal rule applies: “You scratch my back, I scratch yours.” If you never leave comments (positive or negative) on other people’s content, check out their previous work and link towards their articles, how can you expect them to do the same for you? Put simply: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” By leaving an approving comment on a piece that you particularly liked, you may encourage content’s creator to check out your online persona. If they like what they see, they may just return the favor.

Long-tail Keywords

In a world where there are currently 644 million active websites, you need to make it easy for your intended audience to find you. One of the ways to do so is through long-tail keywords. Instead of using just the most general keywords used in your business-niche, try to go a bit more specific in stating what you are all about. This benefits both parties. On one hand you are helping people in need find you, while it also means that you will get discovered by the exact type of audience you are aiming for.

Internal Linking

Once you get someone to actually enter your website, it is your job to keep them here for as long as possible. There is a series of methods for this, but none of them is as simple yet subtle as the art of internal linking. Still, in order to do this right, you would have to learn how to use anchor texts, link deep, use follow links and most importantly, use links that are actually relevant to the reader. Apart from the obvious benefits, experts from custom website design Sydney this will also improve any SEO efforts you might have made.

Make Quality Content

Another thing you should do is put a special emphasis on your content. Try to find your own voice and use it as a tool of conveying a message your clients want to hear. Still, the quality alone isn’t enough, you will also need to be consistent with it and upload new content as frequently as possible. Seeing how this may be too much work for a single creator, you may want to find a contributor or two who can live up to your writing standards. In case where you decide to go with guest bloggers as well, what you need is to set some ground rules and uphold them with an iron hand.

Promotion Through Social Media

Probably one of the most obvious ways of increasing the number of visitors on your websites is through social media. On this topic, there are two things you need to put in your focus. First, every demographic has its own preferred channel. Second, you need to adhere to the good old seven to one rule. For every shameless self-promotion post you upload, you need to follow up with at least six post that hold some value to your customers.

Adjust to Your Clients

Finally, it never hurts to know what you are bidding against, so make sure to do a thorough market analysis before you make any moves. You see, through Google analytics, you can find out exactly where your customers are coming from, what they do on your website and where they go afterwards. This could greatly help figure out the pattern your average customer is following and use this knowledge to adjust to their needs.

In Conclusion

In the very end, we need to return to the issue we discussed at the beginning. While it is true that every visitor is a potential customer, if your offers are not that great, your ads seem out of place and your business reputation in shambles, it really doesn’t matter how great website traffic you have. In other words, increasing your traffic doesn’t equal reaching your goals, it does, however, represent the first step towards it. On its own, this can make all the difference.

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