Why You Need A Fast Intranet, Especially For Remote Workers

Mobile technology, with the concepts of remote working and bring your own device (BYOD) is now a need for many organizations. You have to give your employees the ability to use any device they want and to work from any location to do their jobs. When you are choosing one of the best intranet software solutions for your company, this is one of the most important needs for you to assess.

Think about how your people can remain productive when they are not under the same roof. How can you provide them with the support they need to complete the tasks assigned to them on-the-go? Are they able to access all the vital applications and information without restrictions? The form of connection, device, and location should not matter. You should also provide them the tools they need in a ‘mobile first’ platform.

Give them mobile apps for Android and iOS to make critical tools, information and contacts readily available. Importantly, there should be no compromise on communication, functionality and user experience.

When you have dispersed teams that in different locations, it becomes critical to reach them during a time of crisis. A lot of things such as emergency protocols, ensuring safety and management become tricky when you are unable to reach them quickly. For such situations, your intranet software solution must have broadcast features. Just compose a message that you can share via SMS, email, push notification or any other method.      

Whether you are sending a small message or assigning complex tasks to your teams, speed of delivery and user experience are very important. The intranet and intranet software solutions are supposed to provide value to all employees including remotely working employees. They are also the end-users of the intranet. They are expecting some level of performance from your intranet. For them, performance is all about user experience and speed.

Speed and User Experience

For the majority of internet and intranet users, ‘user experience’ or speed is all about the time it takes to load a page. There is no doubt that speed is an important performance indicator. However, user experience is much more important. The user should be able to navigate fast without any problem. The structure of the information architecture and navigation should make it easy for employees to find what they are looking for. There should be no unnecessary clicks. The information and tools should be easy to access.

Collaboration is one of the primary goals of using intranet and intranet software solutions. It should encourage your employees to engage and contribute.

Even non-technical users should be able to create, use and distribute content. The interface should be intuitive and simple to use. It should support different file formats. The author should be able to upload images, videos, and different types of files such as Excel, Word PDF files and more.

There are several other aspects included in the user experience. Focus on the end-user experience while choosing an intranet solution. Give your employees a fast, easy-to-use and intuitive platform that can deliver the best user experience across different environments and browsers.

Your Intranet should be a user-orientated platform offering comprehensive professional services. The CMS of your intranet should use a simple ‘what you see is what you get’ editor. Give your employees the ability to embed photos, videos or rich media.

The information architecture should be aligned to the needs and experiences of the end-user. Before you invest in a cloud-based intranet solution, think about the level of customization it offers. A fast cloud-based solution can be easily accessed from anywhere and using any device. And in the end, think about the speed and performance for your remote employees.

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